Top 5 Self Defense Techniques Plus More Training


Hope you enjoy the top 5 techniques to stop an attacker. Below that you will find more great training content!

1) Kick to the Groin

2) Throat Punch

3) Rear Naked Choke

4) Knees and Elbows

5)  Hook Punch

Please find even more training videos on how to fight back. It does not matter if you are out on the town, visiting friends, coming home from groceries or just walking down the street. An attack can happen anytime and we want you to be prepared.

You need to know how to throw a jab the most basic punch in a fight. Here it is!

Next, you need the rear punch which should have some power to knock people out if done right.

We have shown you some sweet punches and a groin kick now learn a simple defense to stop haymakers and crazy people punching. You can use this along with footwork to wear them out then take them out. Most people physically can’t last a minute in a fight without getting winded.

You need some footwork to learn how to move away from punches and kicks, so we show you how to do that in the next video.



Team TraintoFightBack

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