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Having a punching bag in your home is one of the most convenient ways of keeping fit especially if you want to save by not paying for a gym membership. Again, it allows you to practice anytime you want.

However, many people do not have a place to hang a heavy bag. You may drill holes into the ceiling joist where you can hang a bag but that can cause ceiling issues. Most of these heavy bags are very heavy, they might cause some ceiling issues.

You might be able to hang one in the basement if your basement is not finished. There is an easier way to train at home on a heavy hag.

Instead of worrying about where to hang a bag in your home, you can look for a heavy bag stand.

One of the reasons that makes heavy bag stand so popular is their compact design which enables them to fit easily in your home.

The heavy bag stands are also made of quality materials to enhance durability and strength.

In this article, we shall reveal the best heavy bag stands that will give you unmatched value for your money.

What are the benefits of heavy bag stands?

Below are the major benefits of having a heavy bag stand to train with.

  • Stress management – Heavy bag stands are also powerful stress management tools. If you have one at home, it will help you unleash on the heavy bag to help with stress.
  • Allows you to exercise at home – With a heavy bag stand you may not need to visit the gym if you are trying to keep fit. This can be very convenient for those with very tight schedules.
  • Heavy-duty support – Most of these units supports from 70-250 lb. punching bags. The best stands are usually made of steel to enhance strength and durability. This means that they can support heavy bags with different weight capacity.
  • Easy on your home or apartment – A heavy bag stand makes sure that you do not damage walls or ceilings when training.

Key things to consider when buying heavy bag stands

  • Design – Heavy bag stands are available in a few different designs. You can choose between either a multi-station bag stands, wall stands, or a single-station stand. The choice depends on the space you have. If you are planning to use it at home, a single heavy bag stand will be the best because it has a compact stand and it is also easy to assemble.
  • Price – The prices of these stands also vary according to the materials used, type, and strength.
  • Weight Capacity – Look for a strong stand that can support the weight of the heavy bag you own or are purchasing. Always check the weight limit before buying.
  • Material – If you are searching for a stand that will give you outstanding value for your money, you should buy one with steel tubing. Steel is one of the strongest materials and it is also durable. A good stand should also have a coating to prevent rusting.

Top 5 Heavy Bag Stands on the Market

Everlast Single-Station Heavy Bag Stand

Everlast Single Station Heavy Bag Stand is an excellent unit for anyone who wants to keep fit through boxing or martial arts.

It allows you to throw punches easily and you can also use it for foot drills and other boxing moves you may require when practicing.  

What makes it unique is the fact that it is built to withstand many hours of training.  It is amazingly easy to hang a heavy bag with the fully adjustable chain.

Unlike others, it comes as a complete package ready for use immediately after removing it from the package.

The package includes, a Nevatear heavy bag that has the same texture and weight like those heavy bags that are used in commercial gyms.


  • Supports up to 100 lb. heavy bags
  • Available as a complete kit
  • It comes with breathable hand wraps for support
  • Adjustable heavy bag chain
  • Comes with leather bag gloves


  • Only holds up to 100 lbs.

Heavy Duty Boxing Punching Bag Stand with Speed Bag Board

The first thing you should note about this stand is that it supports a maximum weight of 220 lbs. of load-bearing.

You will also find that it is quite easy to assemble, and the good thing is that it doesn’t take a lot of space.

This makes it an excellent choice for a living room balcony or even in the attic. However, it is a bit heavy and requires two people when you want to move it.

In terms of durability, you will be glad that it is made of high-quality steel which is not only durable but also sturdy.

In addition, it comes with four vertical tubes at the base which you can add weights to stabilize.

You get a heavy bag and a section for your speed bag.


  • Compact design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Perfect for kickboxing or boxing
  • Very stable


  • Heavy to move

Pro Mountings- Beam Heavy Bag & Punching Bag Mount [ IB-1100]

If you are searching for an ultra-sturdy heavy duty-mounting unit for a commercial gym, studio or a home gym, this one will be a perfect choice.

One of the most amazing things about it is that it allows you to attach different hardware directly to an I-beam without damaging your structure by drilling holes.

Again, it is fully adjustable for beams with a measurement of 4” and 6” across.

Its construction features a 3/16- inches solid powder coated steel which is highly trusted by professional boxers, martial arts studios, and arts. Also note that it works well with different bags such as uppercut bags, Muay Thai bags, tear drop bags, aqua bags among other bags which weigh up to 150 lbs.

What you need to know about steel is that it reduces impact noises, shock, and vibrations better than wood or plastic mount set-ups.

The mounting instructions are extremely easy to follow for easy set up and one person can easily assemble the unit.


  • It is easy to adjust
  • Made in the USA
  • Very tough and durable construction  
  • Easy to mount


  • If you do not have a steel beam in your home this will not work

Eapele Heavy Bag Hangers Brackets for Wood Beam

The Eapele Heavy Bag Hanger Bracket is made of tough materials and it is amazingly easy to install on the wood joist of a ceiling.

It comes with washers and two threaded bolts which allows you to fit it firmly on the ceiling. During installation, you will need a ladder, a drill and a socket tool where you will install the screws/bolts.

The major selling point of this unit is that is made of high-grade stainless steel 304 which is not only durable but also resistant to corrosion.

Unlike others, it can support heavy bags which weigh up to 1000 lbs.

Another thing you should note about it is that it works perfectly with all sizes of Muay Thai bags, punching bags and much more.

The rotating swivel function allows you to reposition the bag swiftly. Also note that it comes with a warranty of up to 18 months.


  • Supports heavy bags up to 1000 lbs.
  • It comes with an extra carabiner clip
  • Universal design
  • Rotating swivel feature
  • Made of high-grade steel
  • 18 months warranty


  • It causes vibrations

Merax- Wall Mount Pull-Up Bar- 48” Multi-Grip Chin Up Station with Hangers for Punching Bags

The first thing you will be pleased to note about this unit is that it features a sturdy steel construction.

The 2” x2” heavy duty reinforced steel can accommodate heavy loads with up to 286lbs.  It also has a powder coating to prevent rusting.

Apart from that, it has non-slip comfort grips for better hold. It is excellent for pull up and chin ups with multiple grip positions.

The pull-up bar is 48 inches wide and this allows you to grip it in the narrow, wide or parallel positions when targeting different parts of your upper body. Again, the angled pull up bar protects your wrists when doing the wide grip.

This does have hangers for your heavy bag. The heavy bag weight it can hold depends on how you mount it to the wall.

It is strong enough to support additional training accessories such as TRX strap, pinch bags, yoga straps or power ropes.

As a result, it provides different options for your exercises.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Non-slip and comfortable grips
  • It has 2 strong suspension anchors
  • 48 inches multi position grip


  • Requires extra items to install it on a drywall

Valor Fitness CA-17 Wall Mount for Heavy Punching Bag

If you are searching for a compact stand where you can hang a heavy bag, Valor Fitness CA-17 Wall Mount is one of the best options that are worth your money.

It is made of 1.5 x 1.5 inches 12-steel gauge to enhance strength and durability. It is very strong, and it is suitable for heavy bags which weigh 120 lbs. or below.

You can hang the bag on the steel J-hook.

To enhance stability and safety, it has an angled support bar which also prevents bending. This bar also helps to distribute weight and pressure throughout the frame.

The frame has a measurement of 25.5 inches tall and 39.5 inches wide.

Whether you are searching for a quality stand for a light commercial setting or home gym, this stand will be a great option.

Lastly, this stand is backed up by a 3 years warranty.


  • Durable and strong
  • Space saving stand
  • Angled support bar for stability and safety
  • Strong steel J-hook
  • 3 years warranty


  • None

Our Final Verdict

One of the best ways to improve your striking power is using a punching bag.  Apart from that, heavy bags provide a perfect way of doing exercises which helps you to stay fit and healthy.

You can also use them as a way of relieving stress at home. However, finding a good place to hang the bag might be a challenge to many. Investing in a heavy bag stand will be the best solution.

The only problem with those stands you will find on the market is that they do not have the same strength which means that you should not just pick any. If you want a stand that will give you exceptional value for your money, we like the Heavy Duty Boxing Punching Bag Stand with Speed Bag Board.

We have only considered those that are made of top-quality materials and those that are strong. They also have different designs and prices to make your work easier when searching for the best.

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