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MMA shorts are an important piece of gear for every MMA fighter. They are typically designed with strong and tough materials to endure the harsh nature of the sport.

MMA shorts are visibly different from other types of shorts. You will never find these shorts with loops, pockets, accessories, or zippers.

These features are deemed dangerous when you have two fighters in the ring fighting.

Things to Look for in MMA Shorts

If you are looking to buy this essential piece of gear for your MMA training, you need to read this article review until the end.

MMA shorts are one of the first things an MMA fighter considers when buying MMA gear.

Here are things you should put into consideration before buying your next MMA shorts.

Understand Compression shorts vs MMA shorts

Several reports have shown that wearing compression shorts in training increases your skin temperature, which in turn increases blood circulation.

This will help with reducing the chances of getting an injury. For this reason, it seems compression shorts work well for training due to quick muscle recovery.

Compression shorts also help protect your manhood so that you can roll around comfortably on the mat.

It seems there are plenty of benefits to wearing compression shorts during your MMA training. The question is should you wear MMA shorts or compression shorts?

The answer here depends on your needs and preferences. Also, if you live in cold regions, compression pants may help you keep warm.

You can wear both or use either depending on the situation.

Different Types of MMA Shorts

Another thing, and probably one of the most important, to know is that there are different types of MMA shorts.

Here are a few common ones:

Vale Tudo

Vale Tudo shorts are basically compression pants and are designed to enable a fighter to have maximum flexibility and unrestricted leg movement.

If you decide to go for Vale Tudo shorts, it is recommended to wear a groin cup to protect your groin.

Board Style

Board styles shorts are one of the most popular MMA shorts out there. A lot of fighters wear these designs because of how convenient the pants are in the ring.

This style usually includes a knee-length leg cut with a drawstring or Velcro strap.

The Material Used in MMA Shorts

The quality of the material used to make the shorts is also important to consider before buying. An ideal material will be stretchy enough to allow free movement when rolling on the ground.

The most common material for shorts is a spandex/polyester composite designed to be flexible and lightweight.

Another important sign of quality is the reinforced embroidery around the seams. This means the pair of shorts will be able to endure workouts you put them through during training.

The elastic stretch along the groin is also another feature that tells you if the MMA short is well made. The stretch in this area allows the fighter to have free movement when training.

Price MMA Shorts

Generally, MMA shorts are not that costly, but the price should tell you a lot about the quality of the gear.

Many MMA beginners tend to go for two or three cheaper shorts instead of a single expensive but quality one.

It may be better to have one quality pair of shorts than a bunch of low-quality shorts that may not last long.


There are several size categories when it comes to MMA shorts – small to xx-large waist size. Ideally, you want a pair of MMA shorts to fit you comfortably.

MMA Shorts Sizing Chart

Features of the MMA Short

It is also important to look at the features the shorts have and decide if they are a good fit for you.

For instance, features such as reinforced seams mean the shorts are probably durable. Having a drawstring will help keep the pants in place regardless of how hard you train or fight.

What are the Right MMA Shorts for You?

You now have a better understanding of the factors you need to consider when buying your next MMA shorts, so what is the right fit for you?

In our next segment, we are going to walk you through the best MMA shorts currently on the market.

Each pair will feature short descriptions as well as pros and cons so that you can analyze all the features. Then you just need to decide on the best pair of training shorts for you.

The Best MMA Training Shorts

Anthem Athletics Resilience MMA Shorts

Starting our list is this pair from Anthem Athletics.

This pair of MMA shorts are made in a bold, classic style with high-quality material for better performance.

It has great features that will come in handy when you are in mat training or sparring.

The shorts feature two-fold Velcro on the waist with a drawstring so that it will stay on you no matter how hard you train or fight.

These shorts also have side slits as well as a 4-way elastic crotch for enhanced movement on the mat. The sizes of the shorts usually align well with your actual measurements.

When it comes to price, the shorts are affordable compared to other MMA shorts on the market as well as the useful features they have.


  • The construction style is surprisingly good
  • The Velcro double on the waist ensures the shorts fit securely
  • Besides the elastic waistband, the shorts also have a drawstring in the inside
  • It has a trapezoid-like shape for seamless alignment


  • The inside material is a little itchy
  • Can’t wear with compression pants

MMA BJJ Unisex Cross-Training Shorts

Hawk Sports is the brand behind these MMA shorts, which are designed for both training and competition.

The shorts come in classic black color. They are also unisex, which means you do not have to worry if a male or female can wear them. 

With all the features these shorts possess, the super-light stretch material is arguably the best and essential feature.

The shorts are also pre-shrunk, so when ordering, make sure you go with the size that is close to your actual size.


  • Unisex MMA shorts
  • Already pre-shrunk
  • The shorts have a pocket for carrying a mouthguard
  • Easy to hand wash


  • May not be as durable as other MMA shorts on this list
  • The shorts may run a bit small

Gold BJJ Jiu-Jitsu Shorts

Just like most great MMA shorts, Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Shorts also do not have pockets.

The shorts have a great stretch that enables you to roll around the mat and not have any issues.

Though the shorts are designed for jiu-jitsu, they can also be used for kickboxing, lifting, as well as wrestling.

The material used to make the shorts is ideal for grappling. The light fabric is breathable, and the compression is also great for rolling.

The waistband fits tightly and even if the elastic band fails, there is still a drawstring to keep your pants on.


  • The fabric is light and breathable
  • Designed for no-gi training
  • The length is conveniently above the knee for easy movement
  • The shorts are IBJJF legal


  • Loose fit on the legs

Elite Sports Men’s MMA Fight Shorts

One thing that stands out about this pair of shorts is the microfiber fabric, which will enable you to train or compete without being held back by your gear.

The design of these shorts is about comfort.

You will like the two-fold Velcro waistband and drawstring on the inside. Additionally, the 4-way splits expand to allow you to move freely and flexibly.

The shorts are also ideal for MMA, No-Gi, UFC, and BJJ.

The fabric is lightweight and extremely soft, which makes it easy to clean and dry. The shorts are also versatile and can be used during training, competitions, or sparring.


  • The shorts are sensibly priced
  • The materials of the shorts are lightweight and extremely comfortable
  • They are well-made shorts that can withstand any level of grappling
  • Easy to clean and dry


  • The huge Velcro flap is a little bothersome

Hayabusa Chikara 4 MMA Fight Short

Hayabusa is one of the leading manufacturers of MMA shorts currently. Their products tend to have incredible style and decent levels of comfort.

With the above in mind, Chikara 4 MMA Fight Short is among the best in the game.

Whether you are grappling or striking, cross-fit or OCR, cardio or lifting, you do not have to worry about your shorts falling short.

These MMA shorts were built to endure even the toughest battles.


  • Fitted with an inner grip waistband for enhanced comfort
  • The shorts allow ease of movement during a competition, exercising, or sparring
  • Comfortable MMA board shorts


  • The shorts are not for huge or muscled legs

Final Verdict

When you buy MMA shorts, quality is an important factor. Distinguishing high-quality from low-quality MMA shorts can be difficult, especially with lots of cheap brands out there selling low-grade gear.

We hope that the information we have shared in this review will help you make the best decision.

The above products are the best 5 MMA shorts on the market today. We prefer wearing Anthem Athletics Resilience MMA Shorts. They are comfortable, durable, made from quality materials, and come at a good price.

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