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We have written this article for anyone who is just getting into boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, or any other fighting art that you need gloves to train or fight.

Your hands are so important in fighting, so you need to protect them when training or when fighting in a ring. You need to look at gloves that will hold up under the constant hitting and help with minimizing injuries.

Buying guide:

This is the most comprehensive buying guide for boxing gloves. We cover how the gloves are made, what makes some gloves more durable, and the pros and cons.

After reading it, you will be able to determine which gloves may best suit your training or fighting needs. So without further ado, let’s get straight to the boxing glove breakdown.


Boxing gloves have three key types: Training, Sparring, and Competitive.

The weight of the gloves, primarily due to the amount of padding, decides the type of glove. The price and material quality also matter.

Competitive Gloves will be of premium quality material and will be lighter in weight to allow maximum speed.

Sparring gloves, I would get a pair that is bigger, probably 12 to 16 oz. gloves instead of the 8 oz. gloves we are discussing in this review.

There are 6, 8, 10, 12, and 16 oz. gloves. Training, I would use bigger gloves to help protect your hand from injury. They are also good to use for sparring.

If you really like feeling your hits, then the 8 oz. gloves give you the middle ground between lightweight and heavier gloves.

I have several pairs of gloves when I fought in MMA. I used a 12 oz. for training or hitting a punching bag but the 8 oz when doing more focus mitt training.

The size of your boxing gloves for your fights all depends on the rules and what you can wear. If you are an MMA fighter then you have to wear MMA gloves which we go over with you on the MMA gloves page.

Boxers who compete will usually have to wear 8 oz. or 10 oz. gloves.

Weight and size:

As I already mentioned, the ultimate purpose of the glove decides its weight. However, there is another factor to consider too. The weight of the athlete.

The video will give you a guideline on the size of the glove to use.

Most brands give a size chart to help buyers choose the compatible glove for their needs. Heavier fighters may use heavier gloves, but everything is based on what you are training in and how you like to train.

Before buying the glove, you should at least once measure your hand to get a rough idea of size.  Then look at the glove size chart on the buying site if they have one. Some sites just do not have sizes because many boxing gloves fit all to a certain extent.

Material quality:

Material quality determines the price of a boxing glove. Generally, there are three types of material used in the making of boxing gloves: Vinyl, synthetic leather, and pure leather.

Whatever the alternative may be, pure leather is always a better choice to use. Its only downside is it’s a little more expensive.

Synthetic leather and Vinyl have their own advantages.

  • First and most compelling, they are less expensive
  • Second, they are easy to clean
  • Third they can be a bit lighter in weight


The amount of padding in a boxing glove adds to its weight and enhances safety. Sparring gloves should be the heaviest and safest gloves for you to train with because they will help protect your hand.

As far as the padding material is concerned, boxing gloves are usually filled with latex foam. In the old day’s horsehair remained the most popular choice for filling, but they have now been replaced by latex foam.

Along with padding, you need to pay special attention to the internal lining. Make sure that a smooth and comfortable lining is mentioned in the description.

Closure type:

Hook and loop, aka Velcro, is the most popular type of closure on boxing gloves. The alternative is traditional lacing despite being tedious, is more reliable when it comes to having the glove fit snugly on your hands.

I would personally vouch for the Velcro closure as they are convenient to step up and provide extra support for the wrist.


Though it is not a must-have feature, the glove should be breathable. Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Etc. involves a lot of sweat so the gloves will stink. Therefore, it is better to have a design that allows for proper ventilation. There are boxing glove deodorizers that you can use to keep the gloves smelling fresh


1. RDX S5 Sparring Boxing Gloves

35 Customer Reviews with a Rating of 4.5 out of 5

rdx S5 boxing gloves


  • Authentic cow-hide leather
  • Max-shock foam for cushioning
  • Improved TAKKA strap closure provides a secure fit
  • Breathable sweat wicked design
  • Durable
  • Backed by warranty


  • More expensive
  • A few users said the glove fit a bit small

RDX S5 Sparring Boxing Gloves, as the name suggests, are designed primarily for those who are going to wear them to practice with their partner. As a sparring glove, it meets the standard of safety and comfort.

As boxing involves a lot of sweat, the company has made significant improvements in the traditional design. These gloves are breathable. It means that the gloves have pores to allow for ventilation.

The gloves also have an anti-microbial inner lining that is smooth. The moisture-wicking material can move the sweat to the outside of the glove to allow quick drying.

As far as safety is concerned, the gloves feature low-density Max-Shock foam padding that cushions the knuckles efficiently.

The gloves have excellent wrist support and are snug-fitting, there is a Hook-and-Loop closure with an elastic band. These gloves have great durability. Another great thing is the gloves are made up of cow-hide leather which lasts much longer than synthetic materials.

The company is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, try it for 30 days and return if it does not work for you.

2. RDX F7 Ego Training Boxing Gloves

489 Customer Reviews with a 4.5 out of 5 Rating

RDX f7 ego leather boxing gloves


  • Affordable
  • Breathable with S.P.P Ventilation system
  • Comes with Warranty
  • Durable Maya Hide
  • Shell Shock gel Equilibrium with triple padding for maximum shock resistance
  • Quick EZ Hook and Loop


  • A few reviews questioned the durability

These gloves have somewhat similar features as that of the RDX S5 Sparring Boxing Gloves except for the price. The cost is nearly half the amount and it is understandable.

First, they don’t feature the same quality material as RDX S5 Gloves: Synthetic Maya hide leather is far inferior to genuine Cowhide leather.

Second, they are not hand-stitched.

Other features include a breathable design, Gel Equilibrium Sheet triple padding for maximum shock resistance, and a comfortable lining that can wick the sweat away. All these features ensure maximum security and comfort.

In the end, I would like to mention that it comes with a warranty.

3. Sanabul Essential Boxing Gloves

2,800 Customer Reviews with a 4.5 out of 5 Rating

Sanabul Boxing Gloves


  • Quality construction
  • Durable using engineered leather construction
  • Affordable
  • Gel-infused to protect your hands
  • Hook and loop closure system to protect your wrist


  • User reviews said not enough padding for heavy bag workouts

Over the last couple of years, Sanabul has become one of the most trusted brands that manufacture boxing gear. The essential boxing gloves series by the company is one of the scores of other top-notch products.

These gloves are totally dependable. To begin with, your hands feel good with the construction quality of the gloves. The engineered leather is an excellent material for these gloves. The gloves hold up when sparring.

Next, the design allows for proper ventilation of the hand so you will not have to worry about sweaty hands.

The inner lining wicks the sweat and is anti-bacterial.

The gloves are easy to put on and off–convenience is always a plus.

Finally, the company has made a serious effort to make these gloves secure for the users—it is filled with premium padding.  Even with all these superior features, these gloves will not cost you a fortune.

4. Elite Sports Star Series Boxing Gloves

70 Customer Reviews with a 4.6 out of 5 Rating

Elite Sports Boxing Gloves


  • Cost-effective
  • Pre-curved anatomic hand design for proper fist closure
  • Breathable Design
  • Triple-density gel and impact foam to protect your hand
  • Made from MAYA hide leather
  • Stretchable leather wrist straps


  • No Warranty
  • Gloves come in 10, 12, 14, or 16 oz so no 8 oz. gloves so you would need to use 10 oz.

The most compelling advantage of this pair is that it won’t break your budget. Also, it is one of the few gloves that offer good quality at a lower price point.

Elite Sports Boxing Gloves do not use pure leather, they feature Maya hide leather—a synthetic material.

The positive side of these gloves is the extra-secure closure system. A Velcro wrist closure with a stretchable leather wrist strap makes it easy to put on and take off your gloves.

It also protects against unnecessary sprains and injuries.

The design allows for adequate airflow to keep the gloves dry. Plus, the inner anti-bacterial, anti-fungal lining is a nice feature.

Though these gloves are very affordable for the features they offer a warranty would have been nice.

5. Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

Over 5,000 Customer Reviews with a 4.6 out of 5 Rating


  • Breathable design
  • Durable using C4 Foam Technology
  • Come in a variety of sizes and color


  • Insufficient wrist support
  • A few users said gloves seemed cheap

Being training gloves, this pair is cut from the same cloth. Its mesh palm design makes it breathable so there is less sweat while training.

These gloves are reasonably priced, so you won’t have to fork out too much cash.

Moreover, these gloves are made up of premium quality synthetic leather—they will last for several seasons. These gloves can take the maximum abuse that you can put them through.

The Anti-microbial treatment fights offensive odors and bacterial growth, while the smooth lining on the inside will give you desirable comfort.

Everlast offers gloves in different sizes and colors, and there is a one-year warranty covering this product.

6. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

1,450 Customer Reviews with a 4.6 out of 5 Rating

Venum boxing gloves


  • High-quality padding
  • Premium Skintex leather construction
  • Triple density foam
  • The palm is reinforced for maximum absorption
    full attached thumb to prevent injury
  • Breathable Design
  • Large Velcro enclosure


  • No warranty
  • A few users complained of not last long
  • No 8 oz. gloves so you would have to get the 10 oz.

These gloves are hand-sewn in Taiwan. You are supposed to get excited to hear that. Why?

Any pro boxing athlete knows that hand-woven gear is much greater in quality and durability than their factory-made counterparts.

These gloves are made up of premium quality Stintex leather. Plus, the mesh palm design allows for proper airflow.

The company doesn’t fall behind in meeting safety and comfort standards. It features a triple-density foam to protect the knuckles while delivering major blows to the training bag or the sparring partners.

These gloves also have a smooth lining to comfort your hand.

The large Velcro closure system helps keep the hand snug to the gloves.


All the products that I have enlisted above were more or less offering similar features. To single out the best product was, therefore, a hard choice to make. Well, you can choose any one of these, I would personally vouch for the Venum gloves.

They are affordable, have superior construction quality, and meet all standards of safety and comfort.

Their competitive edge is the padding to absorb the impact and sturdy construction to last the abuse of training to fight.

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