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When it comes to boxing, yes, it is full of fun and thrilling, but it also has various risks as well.

The most common injuries that occurred in boxing are head injuries, which can really cause brain issues if you are not careful. Boxing headgear lowers the risk of these major injuries.

We wanted to review the best boxing headgear.

What is boxing headgear?

Boxing headgear is a safety helmet used by professionals or beginners to help lessen the negative effects of punches and hits to the head.

Yes, it’s true!

You need to wear headgear if training or sparring at any competition to lower the risk of injuries.

Boxing headgear comes in various sizes and different materials according to your needs or sport.

How to choose the best headgear?

There are some major factors that you should research before buying this type of gear. So, we have listed below some of the factors to help you with your choices.

What type of head equipment do you need?

  • Do you need headgear for training?
  • Competition headgear may have certain rules on the type of gear you can use.
  • Are you boxing, doing MMA sparring or participating in an amateur fight?

These are the questions to make sure you understand before buying headgear.

When buying headgear consider:

  • Visibility is very important to check as full-faced style headgear will not give you maximum visibility as compared to an open-faced style
  • Training gear will have more padding to keep you safe while training
  • Competition gear is uniform since there are strict guidelines
  • Headgear will have different padding for the face and back of the head

Another thing is to make sure that you are picking the right size for your head.

What are the advantages of training with head protection gear?

When it comes to advantages, the main advantage to have head protection gear instead of using nothing is saving the brain.

There are many cases when head injuries cause real medical issues to boxers, fighters and martial artists due to hits to the head.

Limit your risk!

Of course, you need to limit your risk when possible and using headgear will help with that.

I fought in a ToughMan contest back in the ’90s. We had to wear headgear during the fights since we are not considered professionals.

I am glad I had that on because the guy I fought hit me with a bunch of hooks punches to the head. The hard hook punches ended up giving me a headache for the rest of the night.

If I did not have that headgear, I think he may have knocked me out and I know the headache would have been worse.

Which is the best material for headgear?

There are various materials that headgear is made of, but the best one so far is synthetic leather or polymer material as it gives maximum comfort and durability.

Buying the best-quality materials like leather will give you maximum protection. Boxing headgear does not guarantee you will not get hurt, but it definitely reduces the risk.

Now, check out some of the best boxing headgear:

1.  RDX T1 Head Guard with Removable Face Cage

RDX t1 combox head guard

RDXT1 is highly durable with various multiple benefits which keeps you more relaxed and comfortable while wearing this. This removable face cage gives better protection and safety as compared to other products.

The gel-lining between padding prevents shock and absorbs blows to the head, so basically, it helps you to avoid any major head injuries.

There is also an option to attach face grill for complete face protection.


  • High-quality Maya Hide™ leather covers this extremely durable
  • Removable face cage
  • Head guard consists of triple padded Tri-Slab™ with Shell-Shock™ gel-lining between each slab for max shock absorption Highly durable
  • Easily adjustable
  • Lightweight


  • Sometimes, its size does not fit accordingly.

2.  Elite Sports Standard Series Sparring / Boxing Headgear

Elite Headgear

Elite sports standard series is worth it for you whether you are a beginner or professional. The gear is easy to adjust to your head to provide comfort and a snug fit.

This standard series headgear is lightweight, which makes it more comfortable to wear. It is made with pre-curved technology to fit in any size of the head easily for your convenience.

With its shock-proof technology, it offers maximum head protection and great support. The headgear offers a 180-degree field of vision.


  • Designed in the U.S.
  • Made with PU leather.
  • Cheek protectors provide excellent visibility & optimal safety.
  • Adjustable hook & loop chin strap.
  • The adjustable head strap allows fitment to most adult head sizes.
  • Appropriate ventilation.
  • Layers of padding.


  • The variety of colors is limited.
  • Its front stitching is not so fine.

3.  Ringside Competition Boxing Headgear

Ringside Competition Boxing Headgear

Well, who does not want the most comfortable head guard for boxing competition? Ringside is the ideal one for you if you need full leather made products with amazingly adjustable fits.

It is lightweight, which gives you total comfort while wearing the gear. It is made of 100% genuine leather and quality material.

The hook and loop closure help the gear to fit perfectly on your head and face.


  • Made of 100% genuine leather inside and out
  • Lightweight
  • streamlined design provides a natural feel
  • Totally adjustable for a custom fit with a lace-top and hook & loop rear closure
  • Sturdy
  • It is approved for professional boxing competition as well


  • The buckle closure is not the best

4.  Ringside Ultra-Light Sparring Headgear

Ringside Ultra Light Boxing Headgear

If you want a headgear that gives perfect head protection, then this one is ideal for you. Basically, it is one of the most light-weight headgears on the market.

It is made of tough synthetic leather which gives better protection to your head.

Its amazing lace system is really quick and can tighten by pulling just one lace. Another fantastic thing is the hook and loop chin strap, which can be adjusted so easily.


  • Lightweight
  • Inside is a comfortable, moisture-wicking polyester/elastic inner liner
  • Complete with an adjustable, hook & loop chin strap
  • Quick Tie Tech lace system
  • Inexpensive
  • Full head protection
  • USA boxing also approved it for competition
  • It is made with tough synthetic leather


  • No chin or nose guard

Basically, all the products mentioned above are great due to their own uniqueness and quality they possess. You just need to decide if any of the headgears listed above meet your needs.

Final Verdict

Well, hopefully, you have gathered enough information about the top-rated head guard for boxing, MMA, Krav Maga or any other sparring sport.

Hence, all the products mentioned above are fantastic according to their features and price range.

But if you are a passionate boxer or want the best quality product, we suggest the RDX T1 Head Guard with Removable Face Cage over any other product mentioned above.

We like the removable face cage features, which offer complete protection and safety to the face. The gear is also light-weight and comfortable to wear. Other benefits include layers of foam and padding, which prevents shock and its excellent absorption quality.

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