Karate Belts and kids

Earning a karate belt is hard and requires a lot of dedication. When you receive a karate belt to go to a higher rank the joy is incredible.

You finally get the reward you deserve for your sweat, hours of hard work, and struggle in the form of a belt.

You should proudly display your child’s or teenagers’ accomplishments. Belt displays are specially designed to let everyone see your success and how hard you have worked in your martial arts training.

Here is what you need to know before buying your karate belt and display along with the top product reviews.

Features to Look for in Karate Belts

·         Fabric Quality

Karate belts are a part of your uniform so they must be of good quality to make the practitioner feel comfortable. Their fabric must be a little flexible and soft so that you can try different moves without fearing it falling off.

·         Size of Belt

Manufacturers provide belts in variable sizes so that practitioners can pick one according to their size. According to the rules of tying the belt, it must be folded twice to keep the Gi closed. Check the size chart of the company before buying their product. 

·         Color

You must of aware of which rank a belt color symbolizes. For instance, a white belt color is for beginners and shows the start of the journey while a black belt represents the top rank.

Features to Look for in Belt Displays

·         Belt Display Design

Generally, belt displays come in two display formats. One is a freestanding display and the other is a wall-mounted display. Wall-mounted displays have screws to hang them on the wall, often horizontally.

While the freestanding display has secured footing and a flat surface on which belts are displayed. It gives a 360° view.

·         Size of the Rack

Racks come in variable sizes. Most of them display at least 8 belts. Buy the belt display according to the number of belts you wish to hang.

·         Personalized Belt Displays

Personalizing your belt display keeps reminding you of your achievements and motivates you to work harder. Some manufacturers let their customers get their names or photos printed on the display while some do not provide that option.

Top 3 Karate Belts

BlackBeltShop Solid Rank Karate Belts

BlackBeltShop is known for providing a whole range of martial arts-related products. A problem that many karate practitioners face after reaching higher belt rankings and receiving a new belt is that a new belt does not fit them well. If you do not order the right belt it can end up being too stiff or too small.

To help the practitioners solve this issue, BlackBeltShop provides belts in 10 different sizes ranging from 0 to 9. Their material is flexible cotton that is lightweight. It has 7 rows of chain stitching which makes it 1-3/4 inches wide.


  • Comes in 10 different sizes and 9 colors
  • Exceptionally durable and sturdy


  • A few quality issues from other reviewers

Macho Rank Karate Belts

Macho karate belts have strong stitching which makes them exceptionally durable. These belts come in 10 variable colors that do not leave a stain on the uniform even after a hard training session. So, you can focus more on the training and less on getting your belt stained.

The manufacturers provide an easy-to-understand size chart that assists the buyers to find a belt of suitable sizes out of the 8 sizes that are available. It is 1-3/4 inches wide with 7 rows of stitches.


  • An accurate size chart is available
  • Available in 10 colors


  • Belt sizes tricky

Revgear Solid Rank Belts

These belts are available in 8 different sizes and people of almost every size can find a suitable belt in the selection.

You can easily find the color according to your rank out of its total of 9 colors available. It has a decent price and good quality.


  • Offered in variable sizes and colors
  • Soft material


  • Stitching and fabric quality could be improved

Top 3 Belt Displays

Milliard Karate Belt Display

It is made up of birch plywood. You can display up to 8 of your hard-earned belts on it. It also provides 2 ends to hang your trophies. This karate belt display comes with a pack of stickers that you can use to write your name on the nameplate. 

Oftentimes, people find hanging belt displays a difficult job. To remove your worry, it comes with easy to understand instructions. Also, their customer service is fast and always ready to support.


  • Easy to hang
  • Durable


  • The quality of the stickers could be improved

DIBSIES Personalization Station Personalized Karate Belt Display

This belt display is made up of natural wood. You can get your name imprinted in any of the 5 colors (black, pink, purple, blue, and red) on the display.

Its belt holder can hold 10 belts. You can also hang your medals on it.


  • The holder can hold 10 belts
  • Easy to hang
  • 12 letters max for personalization


  • Wood quality could be a little better

Campfire Arts Custom Karate Belt Display

This handcrafted sword-shaped belt display has a unique design. You can easily display 12 belts on 36 inches long blade and feel proud of yourself every time you look at them.

It has a maple wood blade and the handle is wrapped by Paracord. You can have a customized display by getting your name and any short quote or phrase printed on it.


  • Can hold up to 12 belts
  • Craftsmanship is exceptionally fine
  • Unique design
  • Customizable (name with a short phrase)


  • No cons found

Closing Comments – Karate Belts and Displays

If you are a beginner who owns only a white belt, an empty belt display will keep you motivated by reminding you that you must reach a higher level.

On the other hand, if you are a highly ranked practitioner, you need to display your colorful belts to honor your achievements and commitment.

All products mentioned in this article have a good quality, but the overall winner is BlackBeltShop Solid Rank. Both can be a great combination to showcase your accomplishments.

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