Training the Basics

Training the Basics

Beginners Months 1 to 3

This is your first 3 months of training and everyone in the family can use these lessons to defend themselves. It does not matter if you are a seasoned fighter or just starting your self-defense journey going through the basics and fundamentals is key. You need to do repetition whether punching with a partner, heavy bag, focus mitts, rolling on the ground with a partner, or just shadowboxing. The more you do the moves and train like a real fight or as if someone is attacking you the better you will do in a real situation.

There are several different fighting ranges. Long-distance fighting, close-quarter fighting, and ground fighting. We cover all three.

The trainers in the videos know self-defense and they also teach fighters to fight in Amateur and professional MMA matches. The training will prepare you for an attack or a fight. Please only use in self-defense or if training for a professional MMA match does not use the training to bully or hurt other people that are not trying to hurt you.

Please consult a physician before starting to make sure you are able to do the training in the videos shown.

Beginners, please follow the videos in order.
Intermediate users if you have the experience you can go to any of the training videos.

The ProtectionSkills name you will see on the videos and that is our old company and website name. We are now TraintoFightBack and will slowly move to the new name on the videos as soon as we can.

Stand up Fight Training

Basic Fighting Stance and Hand Position in a Fight

Basic Jab Punch

Basic Rear Cross Punch

Basic Hook Punch

Basic Upper Cut Punch

Elbow Strikes

Basic Head Movement to Avoid Punches

Upper Cut Using the Elbow

Basic Throat Punch to Fight off an Attacker

Ground Fight Training

Ground Fighting Guard Position

Ground Fighting Guard Position Control Opponent

Ground Fighting Side Mount Control

Ground Fighting Side Mount Control try to Escape

Rear Naked Choke Standing Up

Intermediate and Advanced
Stand up Fight Training

If you have done martial arts or self-defense training before I would still watch the basics videos above to make sure you know the proper way to do techniques. If you think you know it then feel free to skip to intermediate training or advanced training provided to you each month. You should have enough videos to do some great training every month.

Footwork and Movement in a Fight

How to Slip Punches

Muay Thai Straight Knee

Punch to the Body

Muay Thai Kick on Heavy Bag

Knee and Elbow Combinations

Fight Combinations

Heavy Bag Combo Front Kick – Jab – Rear Cross – Rear Kick

Heavy Bag Combo Jab – Rear Cross – Leg Kick

Bully Training – How to Defend Yourself

The videos above will be a good base for you to defend yourself against Bullies. Go through the training and the more your train with the techniques we provide the more your confidence will grow.

The videos above I would start with ground self-defense and move into stand up fighting. This would be for anyone kids or adults getting bullied and need self-confidence. All the videos on this page teach you some incredible techniques which will help you stop bullying and to give you the confidence to fight back.

Many fights go to the ground so start with Jiu-Jitsu ground fighting then work into stand up punching and kicking.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon:

Series on College Safety: 

  • College and 18 Yrs. + Basic Awareness Videos
  • Campus walking home day or night
  • Be aware of surroundings
  • Never help any males and be wary of acquaintances or known friends
  • Apartment or dorm safety
  • Carry mace or a baton for defense
  • Travel in groups

Series on Teen and Child Safety: 

  • Teen and Kid Safety Ages 5 – 17
  • Keep kids in view when shopping
  • Teach kids if an adult asks for help they are dangerous and to run
  • Public awareness school, walking home, at home and in the yard
  • Internet and social media dangers
  • Home safety never answer the door or phone if home alone
  • Avoid drugs
  • School friends

Women and Men Situational Self Defense: 

  • Be Aware
  • Casual attackers
  • College smarts
  • Best strikes to getaway
  • Stance and balance when attacked
  • Wrist grab release
  • You’re on Ground how to get the attacker off you
  • Rear attack defense
  • Front attack defense
  • Gun held to you
  • Knife held to you

Self-defense weapons to help stop attackers visit our Best Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapons page.


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