What are the Best Self Defense Weapons for Women

You need self-defense weapons for the world we live in today. Most women do not want to carry a gun or knife with them because they do not know how to use them correctly. What are the best self-defense weapons for women that are effective? The number one self-defense device we recommend is pepper spray or also known as mace. Pepper spray is an equalizer for a woman when it comes to defending yourself at home or on the street.

We will discuss in this article the weapons women should use or can use for self-defense, weapons legality, should you use a knife as a weapon, can you go to jail for using self-defense and the best martial art to take for self-defense.

There are many other products we will discuss below to help you figure out what non-lethal weapon you can carry to defend yourself.

Here is a list of self-defense weapons we will review.

  • Pepper spray
  • Bear pepper spray
  • Lipstick pepper spray
  • Pepper spray gun
  • Pepper gel
  • Stun guns
  • Stun flashlight
  • Lipstick stun gun
  • Sting ring
  • Taser gun
  • Stun cane
  • Tactical flashlight
  • Knifes
  • Personal alarms
  • Cat key chains
  • Hairbrush with dagger by Cold Steel
  • Tactical striking pens
  • Kubotan
  • Monkey fist keychain
  • Kuba-Kickz plastic knuckles
  • App on phone emergency and tracker
  • Gun

I know we have given you a ton of products to look at for your personal safety. We want you to take just a few to carry with you. We will give you some ideas of how to group them to use.

Pepper Spray is our number one self-defense weapon

We have 5 different types of pepper spray you can carry. We will look at each to figure out which ones best suit what you need to protect yourself. It is great to carry pepper spray but you also need to know how to use it and when to be ready to use it.

SABRE 3-in-1 Pepper Spray

This SABRE Pepper spray has the max stopping power you need to stop an attacker where they stand. The product also claims that their failure rate is well below other products that can be 30%.

I have been pepper sprayed once by a police office in college. I had run onto the field after the Ohio State football team had won a big game. This police officer was just pepper spraying everyone to clear the field. Which is hilarious because once you get sprayed you can’t see or move. I had to have a friend lead me out of the stadium because I could not see for two hours. It was the worst thing ever to get pepper spray in my eyes and face.

I know for a fact no attacker will be able to see once you hit their face and eyes with the spray. Even a small dose will cause sight blurring plus burning on the eyes and face.

What does SABRE 3-in-1 pepper spray give you

  • The spray can shoot 10 feet.
  • You get up to 35 shots with the spray
  • I would test it in a yard or secluded area every 3 months just to make sure everything works
  • You can use it to repel an attacker or an animal
  • Tested and effective in any situation

Frontiersman SABRE bear pepper spray

I know the normal pepper spray will work just fine in any situation where you are attacked by a man or an animal. If you really want the powerful stuff that can shoot the spray a longer distance then bear pepper spray is what you should get.

If it will stop bears what do you think it will do to a guy trying to attack you.

What does Frontiersman bear pepper spray give you

  • Maximum stopping strength
  • Eliminate 30% of failures with this brand
  • The spray can shoot 30 feet not just 10 feet like most pepper spray
  • Creates a fog so no chance of missing target
  • This is long lasting with 3-year shelf life
  • Field tested against bears to stop their charging
  • You need to test it every 3 months make sure it’s working fine

SABRE Lipstick pepper spray

This is smaller and easier to carry then the SABRE 3-in-1. The lipstick pepper spray has the same effect on anyone you spray.

What does SABRE Lipstick pepper spray give you

  • You have same distance 10 feet the spray will shoot
  • You only get 12 bursts from this smaller this lipstick canister
  • Please test it every 3 months make sure it’s working fine
  • Easy to carry and conceal
  • Very effective even though it is small

Kimber Pepper Blaster – Pepper spray gun

These are a little bigger to carry so may be harder to conceal. You can carry this in your purse if you have a big bag. You can also just have it in the car so it is easy to get to if you get someone in a road rage and comes up to your car.

This is easier to aim at the target and shoot. The gun design will send out the spray at 90 MPH which is good for you because less chance of blow back getting into your eyes.

What does Kimber Blaster give you

  • Easy to use gun spray just point and shoot
  • 90 MPH spray force to prevent spray blow back into your face
  • This will travel 13 feet which is better than handheld SABRE spray but not as good as bear spray
  • No mail order sales to CA, HI, NY, MA, WI, DC
  • You need to test it every 3 months make sure it’s working fine

Create video of product or get video from their site

SABRE Red Pepper Gel

I like the spray but the gel does not have blow back where some of the spray may come back into your face.

What does SABRE red pepper gel give you

  • Pepper gel does not atomize so virtually no wind blow back
  • This gel will travel 18 feet which is 8 feet more than the normal SABRE spray
  • Has 18 bursts
  • This also has a flip top safety mechanism so no accidental discharges
  • Substance sticks to targets face
  • 4-year shelf life
  • You need to test it every 3 months make sure it’s working fine

Stun Guns are the 2nd weapon we advise women carry

You will need to check with local and state laws on carrying a stun gun or Taser. Many towns and states do not allow you to carry them.

VIPERTEK VTS-881 stun gun

This stun gun has many great reviews and the cost is very economical. This can easily be concealed in a pocket or purse. I would not keep it there if walking to your car at night in a parking lot or walking around a college campus at night. Just like pepper spray you want to walk with it in your hand. If someone looks suspicious unlock the safety and have that ready to light up an attacker.

What does the VIPERTEK stun gun do for you

  • 15,000 volts
  • Easily drop a big guy to his knees
  • Will not work through winter clothing like a thick coat. It will work through a t-shirt
  • Has a built in flashlight
  • Test this on a consistent basis to make sure battery is not dead
  • I have one and the sound it makes when pressing the button is intimidating
  • This locations will not be able to get this product ship due to laws: HI, MA, MI, CT, NJ, IL, NY, RI, WI, DC, part of MD, parts of PA, and County, IA.
  • I am not sure about battery length but I just tested mine again after a year and it worked

VIPERTEK VTS-T03 Stun flashlight

This is great to carry with not only as a flashlight but also as a heavy duty stun gun flashlight.

What does the VIPERTEK VTS-T03 flashlight stun gun do for you

  • 350 lumen tactical flashlight
  • 100,000 hour bulb
  • This is a rechargeable battery not where you have to keep buying new ones
  • Will not work through winter clothing like a thick coat. It will work through a t-shirt
  • Test this on a consistent basis to make sure battery is not dead
  • This will cause your attacker to drop to the ground when use the stun gun part
  • This locations will not be able to get this product ship due to laws: HI, MA, MI, CT, NJ, IL, NY, RI, WI, DC, part of MD, parts of PA, and County, IA.

Stun Master lipstick stun gun

You can easily hide this in your purse or pocket. You need to make sure when walking in the dark at night, in remote areas or unsafe areas make sure you hold the lipstick stun gun in your hand so you can be ready to use.

What does the Stun Master lipstick stun gun do for you

  • Produces 3 million volts – 4.2 milliamps to knock down an attacker
  • The LED flashlight is super bright
  • It has a rechargeable battery
  • Will not work through winter clothing like a thick coat. It will work through a t-shirt
  • Test this on a consistent basis to make sure battery is not dead
  • No Shipments to the Following States: Wisconsin, Hawaii, Illinois,Massachusetts,Michigan,New Jersey, New York,Rhode Island
  • Cities With Restrictions: Annapolis, MD; Crawford County, IA; District Of Columbia; Philadelphia, PA

Sting ring

This is a stun gun that you can carry with you anywhere. It is small and easy for anyone to use. It has the power to knock a large man to the ground.

What does the sting ring stun gun do for you

  • It attaches to your keys so easy to carry
  • Uses squeeze and stun technology
  • The battery you can charge it so it does not use throw away batteries
  • Will not work through winter clothing like a thick coat. It will work through a t-shirt
  • Test this on a consistent basis to make sure battery is not dead

Taser Pulse

This is a taser gun that actually shoots projectiles at the attacker to send an electrical shock through their body.

What does the Taser pulse gun do for you

  • It’s a weapon that launches a projectile into an attacker then sends electric current to knock them to the ground
  • This taser works 15 feet away
  • The electricity will immobilize them for 30 seconds so you can get away
  • The barbs that you fire can penetrate 2 to 4 inches of clothing
  • The battery lasts for 50 uses then you have to get a replacement
  • You will need cartridges which come with it but once used you have to buy more

Stun Cane

The adjustable and protective ARC Angel stun cane can help you walk around the block or stop someone from robbing you. This cane packs the power to drop an attacker to the ground.

What does the stun cane do for you

  • Protect you from attackers with the stun tip
  • Delivers 1.5 million volts to the would be attacker
  • Supports 250 lbs.
  • Cane is adjustable for different people

GearLight LED tactical flashlight S1000

You need to see to be safe in dark areas pull out this flash light to see where you are going.

What does the tactical flashlight do for you

  • Ultra-bright and long lasting
  • Uses 3 triple AAA batteries
  • 5 useful modes ( High | Medium | Low | Strobe | SOS )
  • Water resistant and indestructible
  • Use to shine into attackers eyes or hit them with flashlight to defend yourself

Knifes for self-defense

Defending yourself using a knife is a great way to fight off an attacker. You should know how to use and hold the knife when in a self-defense situation. Just carrying a knife without the proper training can be dangerous.

WITHARMOUR Karambit knife

What does WITHARMOUR Karambit knife do for you

  • High strength 440 c steel blade
  • G10 handle
  • Sturdy button lock so it will not close unless you want it to
  • Can be used for self-defense and survival situations

The Atomic Bear folding knife

What does Atomic Bear folding knife do for you

  • Good for self-defense, hunting, survival, camping
  • Made 420b Stainless steel
  • Liner lock system
  • Fast one hand opening if in a bad situation
  • G10 handle

Personal Alarm

This is the perfect device to put on your key chain. The device is loud like a military jet taking off. This is what you want when attacked or if someone is attempting a kidnapping. Drawing attention to an attacker is the key to getting help.

Personal Alarm Siren Song

What does the Personal Alarm do for you

  • 130db noise – like a military jet taking off
  • Great for elderly, women, men and kids
  • Carry jogging or anywhere you go
  • Mini LED flashlight in the device
  • Pull the hand strap to activate alarm very easy

Cat keychains

BRUCEWANG 6-in-1 Cat Head

This is a great product to be able to do 6 things with it. What we care about is how you use it for self-defense. Hold it in your hands and use the cat ears as a weapon.

What does the cat keychain do for you

  • This keychain has 6 uses
  • Self-defense weapon, keychain, bottle opener, wrench, screwdriver, etc.

Hairbrush with dagger

You can easily hide this weapon in your purse because it’s a hairbrush with a hidden dagger. Comb your hair and protect yourself at the same time. This is handy of you know how to use a dagger or knife.

What does the Hairbrush Dagger do for you

  • Easy to hide
  • G10 handle makes gripping easier
  • This is a plastic dagger not medal
  • One more thing to use to defend yourself against an attacker

Tactical striking pens

Great emergency pen can be used for self-defense. Easy to carry this is the perfect weapon to go in your purse or hand bag. You really need to know how to use one before buying or it just becomes an expensive pen. My wife has one in her car and I have shown her how to use it.

Blademate Survival Pen

What does the Blademate pen do for you

  • You can steel tip as a weapon against an attacker, hit the temple or any vital target
  • This is also a writing pen
  • Use the stainless steel breaker tip to break glass
  • Easy to carry its a pen
  • Lightweight but very durable


Not sure how practical this is for self-defense for most people. You have to have some skills or training to really use this. You can stab someone and it might be enough for you to get away but there are many more weapons easier and better for self-defense. I wanted to give you a list of all the self-defense devices so we added this one.

What does the Kubotan do for you

  • You can use it to hit or stab an attacker
  • Made with aviation aluminum
  • This deal gives you a set of 5
  • Use it as a keychain so easy to carry with you everywhere

Monkey fist keychain

I have not bought this but looking at it online it may work in a self-defense situation. You have to swing the metal ball to hit the attacker in the head or other vital areas. Hopefully it hurts them enough for you to get away. It also has some survival aspects that make it pretty cool.

What does the Monkey Fist do for you

  • Fending Off An Attacker For Self Defense
  • Creating A Bow String
  • Creating Fishing Line
  • Climbing (Unravels To 14 Feet!)
  • Creating Tripwire or Snares
  • Starting A Fire From The Inner Cords

Kuba-Kickz plastic knuckles

You put this device in the shoe laces of your boots or shoes. I have not tried this one but looks like it would work well if you know how to kick a guy in the groin. This weapon plus that kick should give you the time to get away. Might look a little weird walking around with this in your shoe and it is definitely not fashionable.

What does the Kuba-Kickz do for you

  • Allows you to kick someone with a weapon on your shoe
  • Made of high impact plastic
  • Effective for dropping an attacker so you can escape
  • Not very fashionable to have this in your shoe

App on phone emergency alert, family tracker and silent beacon

SOS Emergency App

  • It can send an emergency sms to your contacts you have listed in app
  • It can provide you current country emergency numbers for police, fire and ambulance
  • You can activate a distress signal through notification bar action button, phone power button, and SOS button
  • Can send emergency message to your emergency email contacts
  • The app comes with whistle voice to get people’s attention
  • Plus more

Go to Google PlayStore to download.

How to use SOSmate

Life360 App tracking

Keep track of your family all the time. Know where they are and have peace of mind. I have been using this with my family and it works great so far. It’s free so I definitely recommend it to families.

  • View family members on a map
  • Communicate on the app with family
  • Receive alerts when loved ones arrive at home, work or school
  • Group your family or friends
  • App is free
  • Download at the Play Store


A gun you will need to get a concealed carry permit if you want to carry the gun or keep it in the car. If you have no gun experience then you should take a class and get trained on how to use one. You can have a gun for self-defense but you need to make sure you are capable of using it. Many people do not like guns so I would recommend you use one of the non-lethal weapons we have suggested.

Here are a few guns we recommend

  • Glock 41 Gen4 – very reliable gun
  • Beretta M9A1 – one of best hand guns for self-defense

What are legal self-defense weapons

This is a tricky question to answer because what is legal all depends on your city and state laws. You will have to check out both to see what you can carry as a non-lethal weapon and lethal weapons.

Is a knife a good self-defense weapon

We want you to know that having a self-defense weapon is better than having no weapon if you are attacked. I want to stress that you need to train with a knife if you ever plan on carrying it for self-defense purposes.

Imagine you standing there ready for battle with a knife and your attacker has no weapon. They will think to themselves can I find an easier target and probably run. If they do not run then you better be prepared to use the knife.

One thing you can do and I recommend is have pepper spray in one hand and the knife in the other. You can just spray them and when they fall to the ground you can run. Then you never had to use the knife.

Can you go to jail for using self-defense on someone

This depends on the laws in your city and state. You would have to consult a lawyer or look up the laws in your city to know. This is if you use a weapon.

If you are just fighting back I doubt you will go to jail for defending yourself even if you seriously injure someone. There are no guarantees because all situations are unique.

My buddy at college caught a guy breaking into his girlfriend’s car one night. He tackled the guy when he was running away and the guy smashed his head on the side of a brick wall that was short. He hit it when he fell and this guy had a big hole in his skull.

I thought my buddy would get in trouble but it did not happen, the police told him to file a police report before he does and that would cover him. Nothing ever happened to my friend and he messed that guy up.

What is the most effective martial art for self-defense

There are several and you can always mix styles like MMA to be well rounded fighter so you can defend yourself. We have online self-defense and fight training on this site just go to join us.

Here is our top 4:

  • Jiu-Jitsu
  • Krav Maga
  • MMA
  • Muay Thai

I know people will disagree and that is fine everyone has an opinion. I will tell you most people do not know how to fight in this world so any training in the 4 above puts you above most of the people on this planet. Each has their strength and weaknesses but they all teach you to fight. I know there are no rules in a street fight but you just need to see on YouTube when a skilled fighter gets into a street fight or has to defend themselves look what happens to the attacker. See article below

How about this article on a mugger and a women MMA fighter.

Mugger targets UFC’s Polyana Viana, immediately regrets decision

What you should carry for self-defense

We want to suggest you carry these non-lethal weapons for self-defense. Here is what we think you should carry with you everywhere. Even when you go jogging carry pepper spray in your hand.

Must carry:

Pepper Spray (any we recommended and are legal in your city and state)
Personal alarm
SOS on your phone
Tracker on your phone
Cat keychain

Secondary things you can carry only if you feel comfortable:

Knife (any we recommended and are legal in your city and state)
Stun Gun (any we recommended and are legal in your city and state)
Taser (any we recommended and are legal in your city and state)
Hair brush dagger
Striking Pens


There are many weapons to choose from and that is why we gave you a primary list of what you need to carry. The secondary list has items that you can carry but do not need to.

I would carry several of these based on what your city and state law says. You never know what you might need when a bad situation presents itself. If you have a few options it really helps.

We want to stress that pepper spray is the number one self-defense device everyone should carry. Make sure you get one for you and all the women you know. You can never be too safe in today’s world.

You can join our training program that will help teach you how to fight and defend yourself.


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