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Many people do not realize how many benefits there truly get from learning martial arts. It is more than just learning a new skill. What are the benefits of martial arts and what do people get from training in martial arts? There are many mental and physical benefits that go along with it.

If you truly put your time and energy into learning this new skill, you will get benefits that last a lifetime. You get into shape, gain confidence, lose weight, learn self-defense and increase balance just to name a few.

Think about the long-term advantages of the benefits listed. Many times with any sport, people do not realize that they take everything they learn with them.

Learning something new helps you in the future because it allows you to fail, succeed, and open yourself up to new opportunities.

When it comes to the physical aspect, when learning martial arts, you are also working out and preparing your body for other things.

You may realize that after practicing martial arts for a while, other physical sports or activities become easier for you.

Being active is always healthy for your mind and body, no matter what form of activity you are doing. Each sport or physical activity prepares you for different things and helps your body in different ways.

Here are some examples of just how many benefits you can get from learning martial arts. Most of these benefits will last long after you are done training.

Healthy lifestyle

Whether you are or aren’t already leading a somewhat healthy lifestyle, getting started on learning a new skill like martial arts will help you get into healthier habits.

Practicing martial arts is a great way to work on muscle strength and stamina. If you had previously not worked on strengthening your muscles, you will definitely notice a change.

Not only will it help with these specific physical examples, but it will also help you lead a healthier lifestyle in general.

Once you start doing physical activity like martial arts on a regular basis, you will notice a difference in your overall health. You won’t be as tired, you won’t feel as sluggish, and you might feel rejuvenated.

Also, doing one physical activity may lead to another.

What that means is that learning martial arts may encourage you to start working out with weights or increase your stamina by running.

Basically, it is the start of living healthy (or living a healthier one if you were already on track).

Never underestimate the power of an active lifestyle. You may even encourage those around you to start living healthier as well.

Helps with self-confidence

Self-confidence is something that is constantly changing. How you feel about yourself changes throughout different stages of your life.

However, most times when you learn a new skill your self-confidence goes up.

Self-confidence is important and we should always be working on feeling the best we can about ourselves. Self-confidence affects how you act every day.

This goes along with a healthy lifestyle as well because most times working out and having a healthier lifestyle mentally and physically leads to higher self-confidence.

When you are working on yourself, you feel better about yourself. The more abilities you realize you have, the better you feel.

You don’t need to learn martial arts to have self-confidence, but it will boost it if you choose to learn it. The key is when you work out no matter what you do, your body releases endorphins.

Endorphins trigger a positive feeling within the body. Just remember that healthier lifestyles lead to more self-confidence.

Improves focus

Learning any new type of skill will definitely help your focus. Especially if you haven’t learned a new skill in a while or you haven’t been in school for a while.

Martial art is all about focusing. This means that learning techniques to fight or do a kata will help you not only focus on learning the new skill but everything else around you as well.

Learning something new is good for your brain. It keeps you thinking and focusing. Life is all about learning.

Sometimes we can all use something to get us back on track to learning and focusing. This can benefit you outside of learning the art as well.

Martial art training is just a great way to enhance not only the body but the mind as well.

There are so many breathing and meditation techniques used in martial arts then you will carry on with you for the rest of your life.

Because there is so much focus in martial arts on trying to be healthy physically and mentally, it helps better overall focus.

It also teaches morals and values that you may not have previously had. Many great martial artists talk highly of the morals and values they learned through martial arts training.

Many people have turned to learning martial arts in order to find their true purpose in life. You can simply just learn the moves and techniques of martial arts, or you can take it very seriously and learn so much more from it.

No matter what kind of life you lead outside of the gym, martial arts will help you. Whether it is in the classroom or the office you will start realizing that you are using things you have learned in martial arts everywhere.

Martial arts can impact your entire personality and life. They can be parts of the reasons that you are who you are today.

Don’t be afraid to take this journey and learn your true inner values.

Health benefits

I know that I have talked a lot already about the physical benefits of training, however, the health benefits are incredible. Because there are so much training and cardio involved in martial arts, you will probably notice some weight loss unless you were already an extremely active person.

Training can help you get ripped and will decrease weight. This is not the most important piece of learning to fight back but many people are already looking for other ways to lose weight anyway. You kill two birds with one stone because you get to learn and practice a new skill while also losing weight and bettering your body.

I know you are saying you see too many heavy 1st through 10th-degree black belts in martial art schools. You are correct these instructors have let themselves go over the years.

Learn how to defend yourself in the real world

If you are looking to learn how to defend yourself, training in martial arts is the way to learn self-defense. There are so many different forms of martial arts that are used to teach self-defense.

Self-defense is something that everyone should know at least a little bit about.

Being able to completely take care of yourself no matter what the situation is really can have a positive impact on your life.

With so many potential bad situations and events that can occur in our lives today, self-defense is a big deal for a lot of people.

Especially if you are someone who lives alone, travels alone, or walks alone to work or school, knowing self-defense can give you a piece of mind.

Hopefully, you are never put into a situation where self-defense needs to be used but this way if you are, you are prepared. If you train to fight and in self-defense, you can feel safe and confident wherever you go. You should never have to worry about your own personal safety.

If you do know how to take care of yourself then you can also be able to successfully help those around you if you need to.

Whether it is a child, spouse, friend, or family you will always know that you have the tools and techniques to help anyone in trouble.

Training to take care of yourself is also something that can help you get into shape, into a healthier lifestyle, and increase your self-confidence as well.

Even if you do not excel at the training you decided to take, you know more than most people and you have been prepared for any bad situation that could ever occur.

Don’t be afraid to learn new things because there are always so many other good aspects that come along with it.


Overall there are many great benefits to learning martial arts and how to defend yourself. There is a large mix of physical and mental benefits which shows how much total impact these arts can truly have on your life.

Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and learn martial arts because even if you end up deciding that you don’t like it, you have learned skills that will help you in so many other aspects of your life.

It is definitely worth a shot to try martial arts.

Practicing martial arts can help you get fit and to start living a healthier lifestyle, but it can also help boost your self-confidence and your ability to focus.

With such a wide range of good benefits, you can see why so many people practice different forms of these arts.

If nothing else, it gives you the peace of mind that you will always be able to defend yourself and those around you. So take advantage of all these benefits and get yourself out there and learn some form of martial arts.

Never underestimate the power of learning martial arts. You just need to pick a martial art and start training.

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