Is Boxing Good for Self Defense

Many people feel that they will not be good at self-defense because they are not “strong” or do not have prior experience. Here’s the thing, anyone can learn simple self-defense moves that could make a difference in an emergency situation. The question is often asked boxing good for self-defense? Boxing is good to learn because all of the punching you need to use to fight back in a self-defense situation comes from boxing. The jab, rear cross, hook punch and uppercut are all the key punches needed when in a fight.

I know you are saying that these are not the only punches you can use in a fight. The thing is these are the key punches you need to know to set yourself up to win a fight. If you cannot punch properly then your chances of winning a fight go down.

Boxing is a good thing to learn when wanting to know self-defense because there are many different techniques in boxing that anyone of any size and level of expertise can use. It is important to keep an open mind and realize that it is never too late to learn something new.

You do not have to be an expert or master boxing you can simply just learn boxing basics which would be useful in a bad situation. Boxing is really effective in actual real-life situations. Boxing has been said to be known as one of the best for training in punching, head movement to slip punches and footwork.

Here are some examples and reasons why you should consider boxing when wanting to learn self-defense.

Boxing is successful in real life situations

Boxers are known for being able to take out their opponent in a single punch. This can be extremely useful when it comes to self-defense because you could take out your attacker and then easily get yourself out of the situation.

The techniques of the punches for boxing are known for having more accuracy, speed, and power than any martial arts. The main purpose of boxing is to punch effectively. This is why it is known as a good self-defense martial art because a strong powerful punch can go a long way.

If you really work on your boxing skills, you should be consistent with your footwork as well which makes you a harder target for an attacker as well. This is important because boxing is not only successful in the boxing ring but also in real life situations.

Boxing and the bully at school

I went to a small farm school but we had our share of bully’s and idiots. I remember the story my buddy told me of this guy at our school named Phil. He was a shy kid and kept to himself so I did not know this kid very well when my friend told me this story.

I guess Phil accidentally bumped into Dan in the hallway. Phil said he was sorry but Dan for some reason wanted to bully and harass Phil. I guess Dan kept harassing Phil and was telling Phil he was going to kick his ass. This went on for a while until Phil had enough and said he would meet Dan at the local carryout store to fight so it was off school grounds.

I did not see the fight so I am just recounting what my buddy told me. The funny thing is that Phil’s dad knew boxing so Phil was trained to box by his dad. The bully had no idea what he was walking into.

Just like in most bully situations the bully is 100 lbs. bigger than Phil and much taller.

They squared off to fight and right when Dan the bully stepped forward Phil launched a jab then rear cross to drop the bully Dan into the mud hole in the dirt parking lot.

Dan was stunned that he just got hit twice and dropped.

Dan jumped up determined to show Phil who is the boss when BAM he got two more hits to the face and fell back into the mud.

That last two punches knocked the toughness out of the bully Dan because he just got up and walked away. Phil only knew boxing and was able to easily beat the bigger bully. To learn boxing and self-defense just go to the join us page.

Everyone can train in boxing

Boxing is known for being one of the best fighting sports to train in. This means that it will not take too long to learn certain skills and techniques. Some self-defense martial arts can take a long time to learn whereas boxing can take less time and everyone can learn it.

This is important because you can use it for self-defense without perfecting the art. Other martial arts can definitely be used for self-defense as well, but it may take a little longer to learn it in general.

How to Start Training

It is first important to decide why you are boxing. You want to know what your motive is. In this case, it is probably for self-defense which is a great motive to have.

This means you are learning this to better yourself and to protect yourself and those around you. This should help you when training.

Always keep your motivating factor in mind.

It is then important to make sure that you have the right equipment. If you are going to an actual boxing gym then you will need the equipment below.

  • Boxing gloves good ones not cheap ones
  • Wraps for your hands
  • You may need boxing shoes if the gym you are at requires it
  • Head gear if the gym you are at does not have any
  • Mouth piece if you are sparring
  • Membership to boxing gym is usually $100 or more

It is then important to make sure that you have the right equipment if just training at home. Here is the equipment you will need if just working out at home.

If you are going to spar with a friend or another boxer at home then get head gear and a mouthpiece so you can keep your teeth.

Next, it is vitally important that you understand the basic fundamentals of boxing. This is different from watching boxing, this means you have to actually understand how to do it yourself.

Boxing is very different than watching it on TV. You want to focus on how to have a proper stance, throw basic punches, and have the correct footing. These three things may seem small but they are the three fundamental concepts of boxing. Without learning these properly you will not be able to be a successful boxer.

You don’t want to just imitate what your favorite boxer on television does, you want to learn the basics yourself. Boxers on TV have been doing this for years and may do things a little differently than you should as a beginner. You won’t be able to develop your own style like your favorite boxers until you get the fundamentals down.

So take the time to learn the basics so that you can have fun and figure out your own style.

Get in Shape

Getting your body into better condition can overall help you as a boxer as well. Don’t underestimate the impact of staying active and fit.

This will help with self-defense as well because the more in shape that you are, the better your odds of getting away from an attacker.

What you are putting into your body also affects your physical shape. You don’t have to go on a crazy diet and workout plan to be a successful boxer and be able to defend yourself.

It is not necessary to diet and workout, however, it is a lifestyle choice that will definitely help you stay in great shape.

You may need to last 2 to 3 minutes in a street fight or self-defense scenario so you need to be in great shape. That is why we push for you to get into fighting shape.

Try to Constantly Improve your Abilities

It is important to understand that just because you have mastered some things does not mean you have nothing left to learn. There are so many different moves and techniques involved in boxing.

Never give up after learning one thing, because you could go on to learn so much more. You also want to make sure to continue to practice the moves you do know because you don’t want to lose your muscle memory for those techniques.


There are many different punching techniques in boxing.

The four main punches are jab, cross, hook, and uppercut. Some say that the jab is the most important because it leaves the least amount of space for your opponent to fight back.

The best target for the jab is the nose. A jab is when you throw a straight punch with your lead hand. You want it to hit your opponents chin, nose or eye. The cross is usually aimed at the opponent’s face targeting the chin for a knockout or the nose.

To throw a rear cross you simply want to throw your punch with your rear hand across your body towards the target in a straight line. This is a good technique to use when countering a jab from your opponent.

The Hook is a semi-circular punch thrown with either hand that has a primary target of the opponent’s jawline. You could also target your opponent’s lower body depending on what the situation is when in the middle of the fight.

An uppercut is a vertical rising punch aimed at your opponent’s chin. The point of this punch is to knock them out because the uppercut is a power punch.

There are also a lot of different combinations that you can do with these moves.

Defensive boxing training

Defensive moves that are important to learn include the slip, bob, and weave.

Slipping is a good way to make an attacker miss hitting you. You just slip the head left or right depending on which hand the attacker throws at you.

Bob and weave is a great defensive head movement technique for beginners. This is a must to learn when starting out. You want to keep your hands up, and “weave” your head outside of the punch when your opponent throws one. This gives you a great opportunity to strike back and start doing another technique.


Overall it is important to realize that boxing is a very good basis to learn to fight. Boxing has techniques that are easy to learn for a person of any size and prior experience. It can be easily learned by anyone if they put the time and effort in. Boxing is easy to start training as long as you make sure you learn the fundamentals first. Once you know the key basics, you will be set.

It is also important to keep your body in shape as well. Boxing will be easier for you if you are already working out and staying in shape. This will really help you stay strong and fit. Along with these things never forget that you should always be practicing. Don’t stop working on things even once you think you have them down pat. There is always room for improvement, especially when it comes to boxing.

You can always improve and learn new things. Boxing is a great way to get yourself learning new techniques to help you successfully defend yourself. Never give up and continue to better yourself and learn new skills that will help you along the way.

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