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Bullying is such a serious problem in society today, it is important to not only know how to deal with them but also how to stop them. Bullies make others feel bad about themselves because they are actually insecure.

They feed on others to feel better about themselves which ultimately is a never-ending cycle because it never works, and they never feel better about themselves.

How do you stop bullies? In order to be able to stop bullies, you need to understand them both physically and mentally. You can physically be prepared to stop a bully, but if you are mentally prepared enough, you won’t have to get physical at all. Sometimes you will have to fight back to stop the bullying especially if you physically hurt the person being bullied.

All of the social media aspects of bullying tend to focus on the victims. This is very important but it is also important to focus on what is going on with the personality types of those that are bullies so we can stop them and have fewer victims of bullying.

There are always going to be bullies in life, but hopefully, we can all be prepared enough to stand up for ourselves and others and have fewer victims of bullying.

In the end, no matter how the situation seems, bullies always show their true colors.

Prove your Dominance

Many times the reason that a bully chooses to pick on someone is that they feel dominant over them in some way. It is important that as on as you realize the personality type and actions of someone who may be a bully, you show your dominance.

Do not do or say something to the bully unless they give you a reason to. This could be something that is said or done to you or others around you. If you notice someone picking on a shy, weaker person, show your strength in a way that proves that you will stick up for others around you.

Showing strength can sometimes be even more powerful than just sticking up for yourself. It lets them know that they cannot just do and say whatever they want to those around them.

Do not stoop down to their level, but simply show that you are not someone who is going to put up with them and be a victim. If you show them this upfront, they are more likely to leave you alone or not pick on you as much.

They want to feel dominant at all times, so if you take that away from them, they fall apart and no longer have that strong dominant personality that they used in a bad way.

Call Them Out

Most people are afraid to call out bullies because of their personalities and behavior. Asking as you are not treating them poorly, it is a good idea to call them out. This means calling them out for treating others poorly or about things they have said and done that wronged others.

People with these kinds of personalities are not used to this.

No one ever says things like this to them and they will not know how to react. You should not argue and pester them. You should state your case and then leave it be. It will especially get to them that you will not argue with them because that’s the reaction they will want to get out of you.

Do not go about this in a way that causes an altercation or a huge fight.

State what you need to say kindly and go about your business. This will infuriate them enough to stop doing what they were doing at the time. Don’t encourage a fight.

That is the last thing that you want to do. It is important to show that they are not always in control of the situation and they can’t just do whatever they want. It will infuriate them that you won’t argue, and they can’t prove to you that they are right, and you are wrong.

Stand Up for Others

You are not going to stop a bully simply just by stopping how they treat you. Most bullies have several victims who they are trying to hurt. It is important to understand that if you want to actually stop a bully you have to deal with the bully as a whole, not just the specific problem, they have with you.

Bullies don’t usually think that anyone is going to stand up to them.

When one or two people do it, they will try to brush it off and once again turn it around on the victims. However, if multiple people stand up for themselves and you stand up for them as well the bully will not know what to do.

They are used to being in control.

The only reason they are bullying people in the first place is to have control. They don’t feel good about themselves so all they can try to do is control what’s around them and use other people’s insecurities against them.

Being a bystander can be almost just as bad as being a bully. Bystanders could stop bullies. If enough people stand up against a bully and tell them that what they are doing is wrong, they will feel that they lost control of the situation.

Don’t be a bystander.

Do your part and stand up for yourself and those around you. Just that courage to stand up can have a huge part in stopping a bully.

Most people underestimate the value of speaking up.

Just saying a few words to a bully when you see them trying to hurt others physically or mentally could make the biggest difference. If you were the one being bullied, you wouldn’t want others to just stand and watch. You wouldn’t want others to just pass by and act like they didn’t see it. You would want others to help you get out of the situation.

So, don’t be a bystander and help others as you would want them to help you. You are not only helping the victim get out of the situation, but you are also stopping the bully.

My brother helped me with a bully

My older brother helped me on the bus once with a few older bullies not letting me off the bus. My brother walked up to them and told them to let me get off the bus. They stepped aside and let me get off the bus. I still to this day feel blessed my brother stuck up for me. The family should always look out for each other.

My younger sister was being bullied

I was a senior in high school and my sister was a freshman in high school. I had heard around school that a 10th grader was harassing my sister.

I was with my buddy Joe driving through Burger King because he was hungry and wanted to go through the drive-thru window.

We pulled up and this girl came to the window to get the money and work on the order.

I asked Joe if that was the girl that went to our high school named Kelly, the girl bullying my sister.

Joe said yes that was her.

She came to the window and I asked her if she knew me and she said yes. I was a senior and we went to a smaller high school so most people knew each other.

I said Kelly, you know my sister Sarah. She said yes. I said I need you to stop bullying her or I will get the senior girls to pay you a visit in the hallway. I said can you stop bullying her and she said yes.

My sister told me the next day at school Kelly came up to her and said she was sorry and will not bully her again.

As a brother, I took care of the situation because that is what brothers do.

My uncle got beat up by bullies

My uncle I think was a freshman when my dad was a senior in high school. This was back in the sixties when my dad went to high school.

My dad told me that John got off the bus the day before and 4 brothers jumped him and beat him up pretty badly. My dad said the next day he rode the bus home with John and went up to the 4 brothers and said when they get off the bus my dad and John were going to beat the crap out of them as they did to John the day before.

My dad is pretty tough I never crossed him as a kid.

My dad said they got off the bus and they both laid a beat down on the 4 brothers. I bet those 4 brothers never messed with any of my dad’s brothers ever again. Brothers and sisters should stick up for each other, that is how things should be.

The moral is if you are capable you should stick up for people not as strong as you. You are on this earth to help people if you are not helping people what are you doing with your life?

Look for the Signs

If you want to stop a bully before they hurt too many people, look for the signs. Bullies are people who are insecure about themselves.

They will start out by making fun of people for little things. However, when they make fun of people it is always for something, they know they are insecure about. It starts going too far. It starts pushing boundaries that it shouldn’t. Maybe it stops being jokes and simply just starts being mean.

If you start noticing these signs in someone around you, you need to talk to them before it gets too serious. You need to talk to them before they hurt others physically and mentally.

Most bullies start out mentally abusing people, but it can easily get worse. It is okay to call out those around you if they are going down a bad path.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and say what needs to be said to others. We could stop so many bad things from happening if we just spoke our minds to others and weren’t afraid to stand up for ourselves and those we love.

Don’t let others push you around.

If you let a bully push you around and bully you, you are making them stronger. They get more confident in their bullying the more they are able to do it to others.

You are actually making the bully stronger by allowing them to bully you. Take a stand against bullying. Bullying has been a problem for a long time and it probably won’t stop anytime soon.

We can’t stop bullying as a whole, but we can at least do our part to stop the bullies around us. Look for the signs in those around you, and one by one we can stand up for others and try to put a stop to bullying.

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Overall there are many things that you can try to do to attempt to stop bullying. Most of them involve actually confronting the problem or the person. When it comes to things like this, you cannot be afraid to stand up for yourself and those around you or the problem will never stop.

Even if you are a shy person, there are certain problems and people in life that you have to stand up to. Sometimes you have to face your fears.

Standing up for others is also just as important as standing up for yourself. Being a bystander when someone is being a bully empowers the bully. This means the bully is getting even more attention and no one is trying to stop the situation.

Speak up for what is right and what is wrong.

Don’t be a bystander.

You would want someone to help you, so do the same for those around you. People who are bullies deserve to be stopped and deserve to know that what they are doing to others is wrong.

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