Self Defense Kick in the Nuts (Stop an Attack)

If you are ever attacked by a man and want to be able to get away as quickly as possible, then you need to try to aim a well-placed kick in the nuts.

Kicking a man in the groin is one of the best techniques to stop an attack, this kick should give you time to get away.

Instead of engaging in hand-to-hand combat with your attacker for an extended period of time, which could go badly for you if you are not highly trained, kicking the attacker in the groin and escaping is the best way to get out of a bad situation.

This kick is one of the top self-defense moves to use to fight back.

How to kick an attacker in the groin

One of the great things about kicking an attacker in the groin is that you don’t have to be incredibly close to him to do it, and your hands can be busy defending yourself. Before you kick your attacker in the groin, you must make sure that you are prepared to aim and also willing to follow through.

While kicking a man in the groin can hurt, it may not drop him to the ground so make sure you are prepared for follow up strikes. This would include a punch to the throat or knee to the head. There are multiple strikes you can do so to learn more you can check out our online self-defense training.

The main point of kicking a man in the groin is to do as much damage as possible in a short amount of time, allowing you ample time to remove yourself from the situation and get to safety.

Once you have decided to kick them, be prepared to follow through. A light tap in the groin is not going to be nearly as devastating as a full kick with all of your power behind it. For this reason, you need to be prepared to kick hard, with all of your might, and to follow through with the kick.

Only kick a man in the groin when you are going to be able to put power behind the kick, as most men are expecting this attack. A light kick will only serve to make him angrier than before. By timing your kick so that you make full contact and have the element of surprise, you can easily drop a man to his knees.

We show you how to do this kick quickly and effectively so check out the video below on how to do the kick.

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Can you kill a man by kicking him in the nuts

In the past, there have been rumors that kicking a man in the groin can actually kill him. To understand the dangers of this occurring, it’s best to fully understand what happens when a man is kicked in the nuts.

Generally speaking, kicking a man in the groin will cause considerable pain, allowing victims to get away from their attackers. A single kick to the groin is usually enough to incapacitate a man but generally won’t do lasting damage.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. Kicking a man repeatedly in the groin can cause a broken pelvis and even lacerate an artery, which can cause extensive hemorrhaging. If not treated by a professional, could result in death.

Most of the complications that can occur after being kicked in the groin aren’t life-threatening. They can include a loss of fertility and a ruptured testicle that needs to be removed.

Blunt trauma from the kick can also result in testicular torsion, which is incredibly painful and may require surgery to repair.

You should add this to your arsenal of weapons to defend yourself if you are ever attacked.

This same kick can also be used on a woman if one woman attacks another. This kick will hurt the area and should cause enough pain to stop the female attacker.

Why does it hurt when a man gets kicked in the groin

The reason that a kick in the groin is so painful is due to the large concentration of nerves in that area of the body. Both the testicles and the scrotum are loaded with nerves, which is why a sudden blow to the groin is so incredibly painful.

Not only are there a lot of nerves in the groin, but these nerves allow the pain that they feel to radiate throughout the body. Nerve pain that radiates to the stomach is very common and is one of the reasons that so many men will throw up or feel sick to their stomach after a kick to the groin.

Because testicles develop close to the kidney, they have nerves that reach from the scrotum up to the abdomen. This is what causes pain from injury to this part of the body to radiate so freely throughout the stomach. If it weren’t for the high concentration of nerves in the groin, this wouldn’t be such a painful problem for men and wouldn’t be something that most men will do anything that they can to avoid.

How long will an attacker be down once kicked

Anyone who is contemplating a kick in the nuts to give him- or herself enough time to escape from the attacker needs to make sure that he or she knows how much time this attack will buy them.

Luckily, most men are unable to get kicked in the groin and then get right back up again to continue the attack. That does not mean all men will drop to the ground some can withstand the pain. This is where you need to have a back-up plan like a hit to the throat or elbow to the chin.

While it will vary from man to man, most men will be incapacitated for around 60 seconds after getting kicked in the groin. This is due to the number of nerves in that area of the body and how the pain from these nerves travels throughout the abdomen.

While 60 seconds may not seem like a long time when you are in a panic, this is generally plenty of time for someone to turn and run, allowing them to put a fair amount of distance from the attacker. It’s best to immediately turn and run once administering a groin kick so that you can take advantage of the fact that you won’t immediately be chased.

Even after a minute, at which point many men are able to get up off of the ground, they are still going to feel a lot of pain from the kick. The stomach ache will continue for longer, and most men will not be able to walk without a limp, making it hard for them to chase after their victim.

Besides kicking what else can I do to hit an attacker in the nuts

Knee strike – If kicking an attacker in the groin isn’t an option, then your second-best choice is to use your knee to protect yourself. It’s important that you make sure to drive your knee straight up into their groin rather than from the front or at an angle. This upward motion will cause the most damage.

Stick or striking weapons – Another great way to hit an attacker in the groin is with a stick or other hard object, like a bat. Most attackers will be keeping their eyes on their victim’s feet and legs, as they want to avoid a groin kick.

Punching or grabbing – Even punching the groin or gripping and squeezing the testicles can be enough to stop an attacker in their tracks.

What else can I do if a groin kick does not work

We recommend the throat punch to stop an attack. It is not the easiest place to strike but is lethal and devastating to an attacker if you can do it.

You can also try to strike the chin with a punch, elbow or knee strike. This is not always easy to do so only try if it is the last thing you can do. Some people have iron chins and are almost impossible to knock out. Just watch the top UFC fighters to see how tough some people are in this world.


Everyone needs to know how to defend themselves against an attack, and a kick in the groin is a wonderful way to do so. This is a great way to stop an attack and bring a man to his knees, allowing the victim time to escape and to get help. While a groin kick or hit may be considered a low blow in professional sparring and wrestling, it’s a wonderful option for anyone trying to escape from an attacker, and it should definitely be used when possible.

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