Sadly enough, self-defense is very important not only for girls but for everyone to know these days.

With all of the bad things going on in the world right now, women need to be prepared for anything to happen at any moment.

Every day on the news there are stories of women getting attacked.

Whether you are walking to your car, walking around campus, walking home from work, or just walking around town you need to be ready.

You never know who could be lurking around the corner. Bad things happen so it is a good idea to prepare yourself for any situation.

Not just guys are good at fighting and defending themselves, girls can be great too. Women can defeat any guy if they are prepared and know the right way to fight.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to take your girl power to a whole new level and be prepared to stop any sort of attack you may encounter.

Hit the Attacker in the Throat

This may seem like a typical first move to make, but you would be surprised how many girls are afraid to actually do this. It is definitely something that would be scary in any situation, especially if you are fearing what would happen if it didn’t affect the attacker as much as you had hoped.

But here’s the thing, it could save your life. In any sort of scary situation like this, it is better to take a risky chance than to end up in an even worse situation.

The best ways to affect your attacker enough to get away, are to hit them with a straight punch, hit them with a hammer fist, or karate chop them in the throat.

Straight punch to the throat may be the easiest way to stop an attacker. You can throw a jab punch or a rear cross to collapse the windpipe of the attacker. I know it sounds brutal but if you are in fear of your life you have to do it.

A hammer fist or hammer strike is when you swing your fist downwards towards the target. So in this instance, you would swing downwards towards the attacker’s throat.

This type of strike allows for less damage to yourself. Sometimes when punching or striking someone, it is easy for you to hurt or break your hand. With the hammer strike, you are more likely of hurting your attacker without hurting yourself.

Obviously, in a scary situation, you wouldn’t care, either way, however, if you are better prepared, you could save yourself an injury.

A karate chop to the throat entails first putting your thumb next to your pointer finger, then bending your fingers slightly towards the opposite way of your dominant hand.

For example, if you are right-handed, bend your fingers to the left, and if you are left-handed, bend your fingers to the right.

You would then lift your arm high up in the air and strike your attacker straight in the throat.

Once you successfully complete one of these, run away from your attacker as fast as you can. Running away from the situation is most important for your safety.


Kick to the Groin

I am sure that you have been told to kick someone in the groin if they are attacking you.

It really does cause guys a lot of pain which then would allow you to escape and get help.

This move works and it does not matter your size, gender, or experience.

There are several tips and tricks to successfully complete this task without hurting yourself.

You want to make sure that you are not actually kicking with your foot. Kick with your shin and thrust through the groin.

You want to let your hips slide forward with your toe pointed while kicking because it allows you to hit the target.

All of the power of your kick depends on your hips. You have to bring the power of your kick out of your hips.

When you actually kick, you want to act as if you are flicking something of your foot. Make sure to focus on using your hips to create the most powerful kick that you can.

Remember, your size doesn’t matter, you are capable of successfully using this technique. Strike hard and fast then escape by running away from the attacker.


Eye Gouge

Gouging an attacker in the eye works for many reasons. Not only does it cause pain which can cause your attacker to release you, but it also causes vision impairment.

The goal is to damage the soft, sensitive, and vulnerable area of your attacker’s eye in order to best defend yourself and get away from the situation.

You do not want to be too close or too far away when completing the technique. If you are too close, your attacker could still try to harm you, and if you are too far away, you may not be successful.

There are many ways to go about this technique.

One way is to gouge both eyes at the same time with your thumbs.

Another way is to act like you are cowering and then come straight up and jab both eyes with your pointer finger.

If you have something available to you, you can try to jab their eye with something other than your finger. You could try to use a pencil, a heel, a tool, etc.

This strike may be very scary to do. You are in danger and you need to do everything in your power to fight back to win.

Knee Strike with Side Kick

The first thing to know when you are doing a knee strike is that you want the knee you are using to be your dominant knee. 

You want your knee to be sharp and your foot to be tucked almost to your leg before you strike. The other leg should be standing your ground.

You want to stand as tall as you possibly can on that leg. As you bring your knee up, you want to lean back, use your hips, and strike with your knee.

Once again, your hips determine the power of your strike. You can even do multiple knee strikes in a row to really hurt the attacker.

When you do a sidekick, you want to be on your toes instead of being flat-footed. You want the actual strike to be at an angle going towards them which all depends on how they are standing and what angle they are in.

The key is to strike the knee when in a fight for your life.

The high and fancy kicks do not work really well in a street fight or self-defense scenario. You also have to be amazing at kicking to really get a kick to work when kicking high.

How to Defend a Bear Hug

Sometimes attackers will try to “bear hug” you which means that the attacker will grab the victim from the front or behind around the shoulders.

This usually happens in a situation where it is a male attacking a female.

The reaction you are going to want to have is to try to get his arms off your body and grab his elbows.

This I actually not what you want to do. You want to drop your body low and try it wiggle out of his grasp.

It will be easier for you to get away if you are closer to his ground and putting him in an awkward position.

No matter how strong he is, you should have a better chance of getting away if you use this trick. Also, when you lower your center of gravity, it helps you be more stable and also makes it harder for your attacker to lift you.

Once you are in this position it also gives you a chance to use some of the techniques, we talked about earlier like a knee strike and a kick to the groin.


Overall, there are many good tactics to use when defending yourself. It is important to not give up just because your attacker seems bigger and stronger than you.

There are many techniques that can easily be successful no matter how big or strong you are. In the end, your main goal is to affect your attacker enough that you can run away and get yourself out of the situation.

You should not live your life in fear, but its important to at least have some knowledge in case you would ever be in a bad situation.

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