Where to Punch Someone to Cause the Most Pain

If you ever get into a situation where you need to defend yourself, it is important to know how to get yourself away from an attacker and to safety. Where do you punch someone to cause the most pain? We recommend the throat if your life is on the line. This is a very weak part of the body that does not take much to collapse the windpipe to knock down the attacker.

When learning new moves and techniques that go along with fighting and self-defense, knowing where to hit, strike, kick, etc. your attacker can be very important. One good punch or kick (if you can knock the attacker down) could give you just enough time to get away from the attacker, out of the bad situation, and to safety.

Even if you have no prior knowledge or experience about self-defense, fighting, or martial arts, it is still very beneficial to know some tips. Knowing where to aim when defending yourself to cause the most pain to your attacker is the best way to get out of the situation as quickly as possible. The sooner you can get away from the attacker the better.

Even if you feel that you are not very strong, or you can tell that your attacker is much stronger than you, there are still a few ways to successfully defend yourself. There are so many parts of the body that are sensitive no matter how strong you are, you can still cause enough pain to your attacker to get away from the situation safely.

Punch the Attacker in the Throat

This may seem like a very typical first move to make, however, you would be surprised how many people are afraid to actually do this in a bad situation. If you are actually in a situation with an attacker, you’re going to be scared. But, with your adrenaline pumping and training in self-defense, your body will react with deadly strikes.

You need to train to have your body react when being attacked or in a fight. The only way to get that quick reaction is to do some self-defense training.

Either way, you want to do whatever you can to get away from an attacker. You want to cause them enough pain to release you so that you can get out of the situation.

In any sort of bad situation, it is better to take a risky chance (or any chance) than to end up in an even worse situation. The best ways to cause the most pain to the throat would be to hit the attacker with a regular fist, a hammer fist, or a karate chop. These are easy techniques that can be learned quickly on the video we are sharing in this article.

The throat is a very sensitive part of the body. This is where you can cut off breathing. Push with a little pressure on your own throat and you will already feel uncomfortable. Now, imagine someone hitting you there with all their might. This is a perfect place to aim for when fighting for self-defense and trying to get away from an attacker.

Straight punch

A regular fist would be a typical fist that you would make when punching someone. This is usually what your body will automatically do if you have no prior knowledge or experience about fighting.

Hammer fist

A hammer fist (or hammer strike) is when you swing your fist downwards or sideways towards the attacker’s throat. So in this instance, you would swing sideways towards the target’s throat. This type of strike allows for less damage to your hand. The video shows greater detail.

This is ideal because it harms the attacker but not you. Sometimes when punching or striking someone, it can be easy for you to hurt or break your hand, especially if you have no prior experience in punching properly. With the hammer strike, you are even more likely of hurting your attacker without hurting yourself. Obviously, if you are in a bad situation your top priority is getting out of the situation safely, not if you hurt your hand. However, you want to try to get out of the situation as safe and unharmed as possible.

Karate chop

To successfully administer a karate chop to the throat, you start by first putting your thumb next to your pointer finger, then bending your fingers slightly towards the opposite way of your dominant hand. For example, if you are right-handed, bend your fingers to the left, and if you are left-handed, bend your fingers to the right. Then you want to lift your arm high up in the air and strike your attacker straight in the throat.

Punch or kick to the groin

At some point in your life, I am sure that you have been told to punch, grab or kick someone in the groin when they are attacking you. This is another common thing that people tell you because it is known for causing the attacker extreme pain in both women and men. It really does cause them a lot of pain which would then allow you to escape and get help.

When an attacker is hurt in the groin areas, they tend to crouch over due to the pain which gives you a perfect opportunity to run and get away. If they bend over but do not drop to the ground you can also do a knee to the head or a kick while they are bent over. With the second strike to the body that may knock them to the ground.

It really just sets you up for escape if enough pain is caused to the target. This is one move, however, where it does not matter your size, gender or experience. This is perfect for self-defense because you can easily and successfully punch or kick someone in the groin causing enough pain to get yourself out of the situation safely without having prior experience in martial arts.

It is so important to train yourself and do the techniques we can teach you to be able to successfully defend yourself even if you do not go to a martial arts gym. You do not have to be an expert to defend yourself but you do need some training. You can always check out our online self-defense training to learn how to fight back.

There are several tips and tricks to successfully punch and kick someone without hurting yourself as well. If your body is relaxed, you are more likely to come out as unharmed as possible. When punching it is important to try to relax your body and let all of your power go into your punches. I realize that it is hard to be relaxed in this sort of scary situation, but if you can calm yourself down for one second, it will make a difference when using this technique.

Remember, your size and strength don’t matter, everyone is capable of doing this successfully. Another good thing about punching or kicking an attacker in the groin is that if you have been pushed down or they have you in a position where you may be on the ground, you will easily be able to aim towards the groin. You can kick up into the groin or punch up into the groin.

The groin is one of the most sensitive areas to be hit or kicked in and causes a tremendous amount of pain. This is a perfect way to get away from your attacker.

It is important to realize that you may not always be standing up during a fight. Thinking about alternative ways to get you out of bad situations can make a huge impact.

Punching the attacker in the chin

If worse comes to worst, you can always aim for the chin. This can work very well and cause your attacker to be knocked out, however, it can set you up to fail because it puts you in a good position for them to overcome and hurt you as well.

The goal is harming the attacker enough to get away and you want to try your hardest to get away safely and unharmed. If you feel that you can successfully punch them in the chin without them easily doing the same to you, or you have experience in fighting, you should do it.

Punching someone in the chin to knock them out requires you to know how to punch. You will have to be very good at punching because some people have a hard chin. Watch UFC fighters get hit there all the time and still many of them don’t always go down.

The most important thing is to act quickly and use as much strength as you can. Attackers are looking for victims who won’t fight back. The key is to show them that you will not be an easy target. It is important to do anything you can to prove that you are going to fight back and will not go down easily.

The punches to use for a knockout will include hook punch, rear cross, and uppercut. The jab is more of a setup punch and does not usually have the power to knock out someone.

Punch to solar plexus

You can also hit someone in the stomach or solar plexus to knock the wind out of them. If an attacker can’t breathe well he can’t fight or chase you down.

You need to know how to punch and learn to do the rear cross or uppercut. These would be the two best punches to hit the solar plexus or stomach. The best way to do it is jab high at the face then bend the knees dropping just a little to hit them in the solar plexus with a rear cross.

If you are training at home you can get a punching dummy like I have in the videos or use a punching bag. Either of these will work when training to punch at home.


Overall there are very many different ways that you can successfully harm an attacker and get away. It is important to know the key places to punch and kick an attacker, but it is also important to just focus on getting away from your attacker and out of the situation. You want to use your power strength, and knowledge to keep yourself safe.

The more that you educate yourself about these types of situations and self-defense, the better. Having a little knowledge is better than having none at all. Punching and kicking attackers is a great way to harm them enough and cause enough pain to get yourself away from them safely. Knowing where to punch or kick to cause your attacker the most pain is important because it gives you the time to run away from them. Any training you can do in self-defense or in a martial art that focuses on self-defense will help you in life. You have to have the attitude that you can get yourself out of any situation and use all the power that you can to win.

You can train to fight back against attackers by joining our online training program.


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