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You need to equalize the field of play when it comes to self-defense. What I mean is you will not always be stronger, faster, or tougher than many people in the world. Yes, you should train to fight back and learn a martial art to help defend yourself in a bad situation.

I know most people do not want to train for years to get really good at fighting but still not be capable of beating every attacker.

What should you do?

You need to equalize the playing field by carrying weapons that can stop an attacker where they stand. Don’t freak out about using a gun or knife.

These are weapons you can use to stop an attack but there are plenty of non-lethal weapons.

If you do not want to get your concealed carry permit so you can carry a gun or train to carry and use a knife, no problem. This is why non-lethal weapons were created.

We will look at what is in the market to see which weapon may best fit your needs or skill set. The team does recommend everyone carry pepper spray wherever they go.

Pepper Spray or Mace

You need to carry this with you no matter what else you do or what you know. Pepper spray burns an attacker’s eyes making them water so they will not be able to see.

They will not be able to see for at least 20 minutes or more. Once they start seeing it will be blurry and their eyes will still burn.

Pepper spray stops an attack or at least makes it so the attacker will not be able to see. This will give you time to turn and run. If they can’t see they will not be able to follow you.

We are not saying pepper spray is the end all be all weapon and you need nothing else. We are saying it works well and should be the number one non-lethal weapon used.

How to use

Once you buy a canister I recommend using it in an open space. You will want to see how far it shoots and make sure you know how to operate it. If you are ever attacked you want to just turn off the safety switch, then point it at the attacker’s eyes and press the button to fire the spray.

If you have never used it before you may not get the spray to fire before the attacker gets to you.

You will also want to test-fire the spray maybe once every three months to make sure it works well. You do not want to be in a bad situation and the canister quits working or you ran out of spray.

The one we recommend from SABRE has 30 shots. I would get a new canister once you get to 30 shots.

The key is when walking alone have the spray in your hand with the safety off. Especially walking alone at night. You do not want to be digging through a purse or trying to get it out of your pocket when being attacked.

Guys, you should carry pepper spray for your protection. I have it in my car because when I go to rental properties I have it in my hand if I run into trouble.

Many of my rentals are in rougher neighborhoods. You can also have it in the car if someone is having road rage and comes up to your vehicle.

This is way better to spray a road rage person in the eyes to blind them than shoot them with a gun.

If you really want to knock someone out of the fight you can get the bear mace which is even more potent. That will teach someone to mess with you.

Another favorite of mine is the pepper gel which is a gel-like substance that sticks to the face. I like this spray because of no chance of the wind blowing some of the gel back into your face. With the sprays, you have a chance of some blowback and you will get some of the spray in your eyes.

You could actually carry a couple of different pepper sprays. You can carry one in your purse and keep one in the car for emergency purposes.

Stun guns and tasers

The next self-defense weapon that we like and packs a punch is a stun gun or taser. These have been used by law enforcement for a long time to subdue people that will not comply.

We want to let you know that this work may not work for every person in this world. Some people on drugs or people that can handle the jolts may not succumb to the electrical shock.

We recommend using pepper spray first then hitting them with a jolt if they lunge at you or go to grab you.

What’s the difference between a stun gun and a Taser?

Stun gun

The stun gun is a small compact device with two prongs on the end. You must make contact with the attacker’s skin or thin clothing to shock them with the stun gun.

Once you make contact with the attacker press the button to send the electrical current through their body. You should hold the button until the attacker falls to the ground. If the attacker gets back up and you have not been able to get away zap them again.

Most people go down after one jolt but some people are tougher. You may have to hit them two or three times with the stun gun.


The taser actually shoots projectiles at the attacker. The barbs will lodge into the skin and the taser will send an electrical current through the attacker.

Tasers have one or two shots before you have to load another cartridge. This makes it a little bit dangerous if you miss it or the first electrical shock does not knock them to the ground. You have a second shot on some tasers but you don’t want to miss on the second shot.

The thing that separates a taser from a stun gun is distance. Stun gun you have to be right next to the attacker to shock them. Using a taser you can deploy the barbs from 15 feet or less.

Stun Flashlight

You solve two things with a stun flashlight. One you can use the flashlight to see at night or give you light during a power outage. The second thing it can do is drop an enemy because it has a stun gun at the end of the flashlight.

One other thing you can use the flashlight for is to hit the attacker in the head with the flashlight. This thing can be used as a striking weapon.

For all stun guns, you need to check with the law to see what you can carry and if you can use it. I know these states listed have some restrictions.

  • This location will not be able to get this product ship due to laws: HI, MA, MI, CT, NJ, IL, NY, RI, WI, DC, part of MD, parts of PA, and County, IA.

Stun gun lipstick

This is a great way to conceal a stun gun. This thing can produce 3 million volts to knock an attacker to the ground.

This will not work against thick clothing so if you have to use it go for open skin areas or thin clothing.

You can hide this anywhere or have it in plain sight since it just looks like a lipstick container.

Remember anything that is a weapon check with your local law enforcement or city law about non-lethal weapons.

Personal alarms

You need some kind of alarm to alert people around you that you are in trouble. These personal alarms usually let off a sound to 130 dB noise. This is the sound of a military jet taking off or an air raid siren. Someone close will hear it hopefully coming to help. The sound alone may scare off the attacker.

This is great for everyone from the elderly to kids. The device is easy to use plus you can put it anywhere from a key chain to in your pocket.

You should carry this wherever you go from jogging to the grocery store. The thing is you never know when something bad could happen.

Apps on your phone can be used to get help.

Apps for the Phone

Life 360

I use this app to track my family. It tells me where they are at all times. You can set up a group just for your family to track each other. You will need to take your phone with you to be able to be tracked. That is one problem I have my 13-year-old son never takes his phone with him.

  • Crash detection and emergency response capability
  • Driving analysis
  • Open the app and see where family members are located
  • Chat with family and friends
  • You set up who is in your circle
  • Life 360 App


The co-founder was raped by two of her friends and this is one reason they wanted to put together an emergency app. They never want what happened to her to happen to other women.

  • SOS button
  • Voice activation
  • SOS activated it will record
  • Live streaming once activated your friends or family can see what is happening in real-time
  • Guardians set up your own personal security network
  • Follow me
  • Sirene alarm to scare off attackers
  • BSafe App


You will want to check out this great app because it does what it says it does. This app is to send out an SOS which means you’re in trouble. Quickly alert people of your emergency.

  • Send emergency SMS to your contacts
  • Inform contacts of a current location
  • You can activate distress through phone
  • Has whistle voice use it to get attention
  • SOS App

Red Panic Button

You need a panic button if there is an emergency or if you are attacked. This is the one you want to use.

  • Send distress message
  • Use to get emergency medical care
  • Kids and teens can use it to call for help
  • Red Panic Button

If you wonder if these really work in real life then I have a story for you.

A college woman was heading to her car in a grocery store parking lot when a man approached her with a knife.

The man pushed her into the car with the knife and forced her to drive.

The man wanted to go to Michigan so the woman was able to talk him into giving back her phone. He wanted to rob a gas station and she said she could use her phone to find one to rob. Once she got the phone she texted her boyfriend to that she had been kidnapped.

The boyfriend used a tracking app to locate and inform the police of her location.

The police were able to catch up to the kidnapper and arrest him without incident. If it was not for the tracking on the phone you never know what may have happened.


You need to take an active approach to keep yourself and your family safe. Get some or all of these products so you have one on you, then put one in the house and one in the car. You can never be too safe, plus the cost is very minimal to buy these self-defense products.

If you need to learn actual self-defense so you can fight back if attacked then take our self-defense/fighting program.

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