Top 10 Women Self Defense Tips

With all the trouble and bad things happening in the world around us, it is very important for women to know how to defend themselves. There is a lot of controversy about sexual assault going on in society today, and sometimes it can be a scary place for women. It doesn’t matter what age or race you are, you could get into a situation that you need to get yourself out of. Whether it is on a college campus, walking home from work, or being anywhere alone, women are always vulnerable to attacks. Now, you should not walk around living your life in fear, however, along with keeping some pepper spray handy, you should also keep some of these tips in mind.

Be mentally prepared for an attack

It is important to sit down with yourself and make a plan for what you would do if you were ever attacked. It is important that you think about these things happening in real life. The more knowledge you have about these situations the better, and the more likely you are to get out of them. Figure out how you might go about getting away, trying it get help, or trying to get away from your attacker whether that means attacking back or not.

Always remember that you have the right to fight. Do not let anyone dehumanize you. When you are in a dangerous situation, you always have the right to fight back and get yourself to safety, no matter what ends up happening to your attacker. Use your knowledge and get out of the situation as soon as possible. The sooner the better because you will know where you are at, and you might be around more people that can help you.

Be aware of your surroundings

It is so important for women to pay attention to their surroundings and stay alert. Pay attention to big groups of people walking by you or someone who has been near you for a while when you’re walking. Anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason should not be around you. Whether you make a scene, call the cops, and tell some other authority, make sure you get yourself away from these kinds of people.

You have the right to say something when it comes to your own safety. Especially at night, when you’re alone, or in some sort of alley or parking garage by yourself, it important that you are paying attention to what and who is around you. When you are getting in and out of a car, do not dawdle and sit in a parked car. If you are by yourself, this gives attackers a perfect time and place to get you alone and by yourself.

Watch for where people walk or where they move when you are walking towards them. If a group of men are coming towards you on a sidewalk then cross the street and walk on the other side. If they follow and keep staring at you then have your pepper spray ready. Do not let them come behind you so either spray them with pepper spray if you feel they are too close and dangerous or run to nearest public space. I say shoot the spray first ask questions later because you only have seconds to react.

Home or apartment safety is critical because you feel safe in your home you may let your guard down. Strange guy at the door saying he is with the gas company is a risk. You should not open the door or unlock it to verify because it could be a rapist. You can talk through the door and tell them if they need inside the home the gas company will have to call to schedule an appointment. Tell them your husband or boyfriend is in the shower and to have the company call you to set something up. You never want anyone to know you are home alone. Keep your doors locked even when you are inside the home.This prevents anyone from just walking into your home uninvited.

Jogging most people listen to music and ignore everything going on around them. People have kidnapped women while jogging and the outcome is usually not good. Jogging is great just know where you are going and be aware of any odd things, like a car driving slow near you or a car slows down after it passes you. I don’t want you to be paranoid just be aware and not tuned out to the world around you. Carry pepper spray with you when you jog it is lightweight and does not hinder your running.



Attackers tactics

Whoever is attacking you is assuming that you are going to be weak and follow their demands. Be vocal and confident. Don’t act weak and follow orders, fight! If it is a male, try to take away their masculinity because that will tear them down and take them off their game. Once again do not let them dehumanize you, the more they see you as a person and not just a crying victim, the better the will act towards you, and the more likely you will be to get away.

Fear is really tough to overcome and it can save your life or cause your death. Attackers use fear to control the victims. You have to dig deep to control your fear to then become enraged. You use the rage to fight back to injure them so you can escape. You do anything required to get away, this is an all cost battle in which you need to win. The alternative could be your life and that is not going to happen.

You can do it, you can fight back the fear an attacker tries to feed you. To fight back you need pepper spray, taser or self-defense skills. We have the all here so check out the products we recommend and you can also check out our join page where we teach you how to fight back with no fear.

Pay attention to your drinks

When you are out, do not drink any drinks that you have not seen being mixed or poured. So, many times, women get drugged and then attacked because they take drinks from strangers. It does not matter if you are at a bar, a house party, or a huge party, always make sure you are paying attention to what you are putting into your body. Don’t trust people, you don’t want to take that chance and then regret it for the rest of your life.

All drinks you need to get from a waiter or the bartender that is how it needs to be to stay safe. If someone buys you a drink walk with them to buy it and watch everything. You have the bartender hand you the drink, not give it to the guy to give to you.


Follow your instincts

If you have a gut feeling about someone or something, follow it. No party or person is worth your life, or your entire future. Use your common sense and do not let others persuade you into going somewhere or doing something that you don’t want to.  Your instincts and your common sense are the best tools that you can use to help yourself.

You need to be aware so drinking heavily at an outing or party will not help with awareness. I am not saying don’t have fun when out or at a party. You need to just be cautious and if a bad feeling hits you listen to it. The last thing you want to do is ignore your instincts.

Be verbal

It is important to know that you should always be verbal about feeling uncomfortable. Telling someone about another person making you feel uncomfortable could save your life. Don’t feel stupid, don’t feel like you shouldn’t say anything, you have the right to do so.

You can also yell or shout to make sure they understand you mean what you say. Yell in their ear if they are that close and you have repeatedly asked them to stop. Yelling for help is a must if you are in trouble or someone tries to attack you. Scream your head off.

You are the most important

If someone is trying to attack you, do not try to save your clothes, car, purse, etc. In the end, your materialistic things do not matter. You can replace a car or purse, but you cannot replace your life. If you focus too much on trying to save these things, you can get yourself into a situation that you can’t get out of. Just remember that you are always the most important.

Know where to attack

There is a saying fight or flight and we always want you to take flight over fighting. Sometimes you are cornered and need to fight back so you should know where to attack your attacker. The first place to strike is the throat because it is a weak part of every person’s body and if they can’t breathe they cannot come after you. The next place is to aim for the eyes with an eye poke or gouge. If you can spray them with pepper spray or scratch their eyes, it will make it so much harder for them to continue to attack you. Use your nails, or your pepper spray and injury their eyes to blur their vision. Also, it is always a good idea to punch, kick, or knee men in the groin. This causes them much pain and may halt their movement for a moment. Remember these things and plan accordingly.

Don’t show your weakness

You always want to make sure not to show that you are scared or show your weaknesses. The more you act afraid and upset, the more that they feed off of you. I know this seems easier said than done, but it is important to remember to stand up for yourself and not show weakness. Do everything you can to make it out of the attack safely and unharmed.

Be assertive which may stop them for a second which is all you need to spray them with pepper spray or kick them in the groin. Then run as fast as you can. If you have heels on flip them off and run.

Watch out for your friends

I talked a lot about how to prevent an attack on yourself, but it is also important to watch out for your friends. You could so easily prevent one of your friends from getting into a bad situation. If you go out with a group of friends. Make sure that at least one of you is always almost sober. You have to look out for each other. If you realize that one of your friends looks uncomfortable when talking to a male, go get them out of the situation. Once again this is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, it is important. If your friend is drunk and starts wandering off or starts wandering off with a stranger, get them out of the situation. Do not be afraid to tell them what you think. If they are mad they will get over it. Their life is more important. An argument only lasts a little bit, but an attack will affect the rest of their lives. You are most important, and you should make your friends feel the same way about themselves.

Overall it is important to be self-aware and be the prepared for an attack. Although you can never be sure what’s going to happen, and when an attack could happen, the best that you can do is to be ready to fight back or run. Realize what your attackers’ weaknesses might be and use that to your advantage. Always remember that you are the most important person on this earth so never feel embarrassed about leaving parties or a bar where you are not comfortable. Be verbal about any event or person that makes you feel uncomfortable.

A quick review of what you need to do to stay safe

  • Do not take drinks from strangers or even guys you barely know
  • Travel in a pack with all the girls looking out for each other
  • Carry pepper spray and have it ready if you are walking alone
  • Be strong and yell at anyone doing something that will put you in a bad situation
  • Run away from anything that is dangerous
  • When using pepper spray shoot first and run don’t hesitate
  • Strike to the throat should be the first hit, then the eyes or groin. Then you run
  • Do not go to the second location if you are being kidnapped fight and escape


You need to just remember to be aware of your surrounding and do things that will keep you safe. Everything we tell you to do above is for your own good. I have taught all this above to my 15-year-old daughter I even had her train with me in MMA just so she knows how to punch and kick to hurt someone. If you have not taken self-defense classes make sure you do that as soon as possible. You can even take online classes to learn self-defense like what we offer on the join us page. These tactics and techniques work in real life and you may need it one day in your life.