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Learning something new can always be nerve-racking or challenging. It is never easy to pick up a new skill at first.

Self-defense takes time and effort to learn. It is a great skill, and if you put in the effort, you can be successful.

There are so many troublesome things going on in the world, and it is so important to be able to protect yourself. Make sure not to try to jump ahead and try techniques that are too difficult for beginners.

If you keep training your skills will increase, you just have to give yourself time to get there. You don’t have to be the biggest or the strongest person out there to be good at fighting back.

Take pride in the fact that you are going out of your comfort zone and learning a new skill.

Training to defend yourself is important, and it can be fun, so enjoy yourself while learning how to fight back.

Here are some good self-defense techniques for beginners.


Punching is the first thing people do when it comes to defending themselves. There are many different ways that you can punch attackers and there are many different kinds of punches.

Jab punch

The first punch, of course, would be a jab punch. When doing this, you want your thumb to be tucked so that you have a better chance of protecting your thumb from being broken.

Learn how to throw a jab punch in the video below.

Many times, punching someone ends up hurting you as well because people punch incorrectly. You can break your fingers or even your hand.

Obviously, in a dangerous situation, your hand is not as important as your life.

You need to learn to throw a proper punch. It is as simple as making sure your thumb is tucked.

Rear cross punch

A rear cross is another effective punch that you would use to defend yourself. This is the rear hand when standing in your fighting stance. You will use this hand for power shots to knock out the opponent.

Throwing a proper rear punch video training.

Hammer fist

Another technique used when punching is the hammer fist (hammer strike).

This technique is when you swing your fist downwards or sideways toward the target. You can use this on whatever part of the body you need to whether it is the face, throat, stomach, etc.

This type of strike allows for less damage to your hand. With the hammer strike, you are more likely of hurting your attacker without hurting yourself.

Hook punch

The hook punch is a very powerful punch that if you can hit the attacker in the chin will knock them out or at least knock them down.

This one is a little tougher for a beginner but does not take too long to get good enough to hurt someone.

This punch will take more training to really master but the basics any beginner can learn.

Throat Punch Video



Kicking is another self-defense technique that is good for beginners and has many different options.

There are only a few kicks I would use in a fight and the same thing for a beginner.

Fancy kicks are not good for defending yourself when attacked.

Groin kick video – how it is done

The groin kick is the best kick to use for self-defense. When kicking an attacker in the groin, you want to make sure that you are not actually kicking with your foot. Ideally, the kick is actually done with your shin.

Your hips should slide forward, and your toe should be pointed while kicking because it allows you to better hit the target.

All of the power of your kick depends on your hips like a lot of other self-defense techniques.

The power of your kick relies on how much power you can bring out of your hips. In order for this to work, you need to be relaxed and not stiff when kicking. If you are too stiff, the kick will not be successful.

I realize that it is hard to be relaxed in a sort of situation where self-defense is needed. Just breathe and stay calm for one second, it will make a difference when using this technique.

When you actually kick, you want to act as if you are flicking something off your foot. If you follow these tips, you should successfully be able to kick someone in the groin.

Basic sidekick

First off when doing this technique, you want to stand in a fighting stance, bring your knees up, and pivot. Once you pivot then snap out with the bottom of your foot while twisting your hip.

Once again, the power of the kick simply relies on how well you use your hips. Your hips have all the power.

There is also a foot replacement sidekick for when you get more comfortable with this kick.

To disable the attacker you want to aim for the knee. You will not be good enough as a beginner to kick someone in the ribs or head.

Go low and kick the knee or rake down the shin.

Getting out of grabs or headlocks

The first thing that you want to do when trying to get out of a headlock, is make sure your airway is not restricted. If you turn your head in the direction of your attacker, this will allow you to breathe.

You then want to attempt to strike your attacker.

The best strike would be your elbow to their groin or ribs. This will affect the attacker no matter if it is a female or male.

Make sure you have a hand available at all times to defend yourself against any hits or punches from the attacker.

You can also try to then reach your hand up to your attacker’s face. If you keep a hold of their arm, they won’t have as much power against you.

You can attempt to gouge their eyes or cause them to be unbalanced and get away.

If that wasn’t enough to get away, you will need to do some more strikes and hits to knock the attacker down. Once they are down then run.

In the end, you are just trying to do whatever you need to so you can get away from your attacker without any harm to yourself.

You have to hurt them enough that when you do get away, they aren’t able to come after you.

Awareness when walking or jogging

It is so important to pay attention to your surroundings. So many bad incidents happen because someone is unaware that an attacker is close to them.

When you are walking, especially by yourself, do not be buried in your phone or staring at the ground.

This makes you seem like a great target for an attacker.

You could save your own life just by paying attention to what’s around you. The phone call or text message can wait until you get to your destination or until you get home.

This is the same for when you are in your car. If you are just getting ready to leave or you just got somewhere, don’t sit there in your car alone on your phone.

This is the perfect opportunity for someone to get into your car or be able to attack you.

If this kind of situation happens, no one would see or hear it happen and it would be very hard to get away. Just go inside when you get somewhere and leave when you are done.

You can easily prevent bad situations from happening just by taking these extra precautions. You never know who is around you or what is going through people’s minds.

Don’t live your life in fear, but at the same time don’t make careless decisions that could make you seem like an easy target.

Women fights back Jogging F

Pepper spray

Many people don’t like the idea of having a mace canister or a taser with them everywhere they go. But what people don’t realize is that these little weapons could make the biggest difference when it comes to an attack.

Attackers are looking for easy targets.

If you pull out pepper spray or a taser, they may realize that you are not going to be as easy of a target.

Also, spraying pepper spray at an attacker could give you just enough time to get out of the situation and get help.

There are so many different things you can carry including mace, a taser, a pocket knife, and a rape whistle. All of these things could help you if you were ever in a bad situation.

I know it is not always what you want to have in your pocket on your key chain, or in your purse, but it could really help in a bad situation. If you need pepper spray or a taser go to the products we recommend on our self-defense weapons page.


Overall, it is important to realize that self-defense is important and can be successfully done by any person of any gender, strength, or size.

If you have just a little bit of knowledge of self-defense, it could get you out of any bad situation. You never know what is going to happen in the world today.

I know it can be scary, but if you are educated you have the best chance of defending yourself.

On top of that, make sure that you pay attention to your surroundings so that you don’t get into a bad situation. If you see someone who is making you feel uncomfortable or you think something is off, go inside or go in another direction.

Always of whatever you need to do to stay safe. Bring along your mace and your pepper spray. It may not be the most convenient thing ever, but the smallest thing could give you an opportunity to get away from an attacker.

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