Which Fighting Style is the Best

If you are interested in learning about martial arts, self-defense, or fighting, in general, you may not know where to start. There are so many different martial art styles and it may seem overwhelming with which one you should choose and what you should learn. Which fighting style is the best? The best fighting style is a martial art that teaches all three distances of fighting. You need to learn how to kick for long distance, how to punch, elbow and knee for short distance and how to fight on the ground. We like MMA or Krav Maga to learn to fight.

We will look at the different martial art systems out there in the world to see which ones teach you the 3 areas of fighting mentioned above.

You can easily find something that suits you and gives you the best results. It is also important to figure out what your goals are. You want to think about what you want out of a fighting system so it will help you to be successful at fight training.

Different types of fighting are good for different things. For instance, some types of fighting may be best for self-defense whereas others may be best for street fighting or cage fighting. You may want to be a UFC fighter and that will require different training than someone just wanting to learn self-defense.

Once you figure out exactly what you are looking for it will be easier for you to find the “best” type. If you, however, have not figured out exactly what your goal is and you are just looking to further your knowledge and become a better fighter, there are many broad types of fighting that could be seen as the “best” to learn.

Really you can never go wrong because there are so many good things about each type. The great thing is that many types of martial arts can actually be used in many different types of situations. There are great reasons to why some can be better than others but overall, they are all good in their own ways because they bring out peoples strengths.

Here are some tips and examples about which fighting styles can be seen as the best and why.

8) Tae Kwon Do

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that basically focuses on very fast pace techniques such as kicking, spinning, and jumping. It was created based off of Chinese martial arts. Many martial arts are created from other older forms so that they could take the best parts of the martial art and modernize it.

Since Tae Kwon Do has many similarities to other Chinese martial arts, it is a great fighting technique. There is an entire movie called “ Spin Kick” dedicated to this martial art which shows its popularity and just how much a unique fighting technique it really is.

Taekwondo ended up becoming so popular that it is now an Olympic sport. It is known to be one of the most systematic forms of fighting and sparks so much interest in the people who practice it. It is, however, very technically difficult and some say that it is almost scientific. Tae Kwon Do is very dynamic and focuses on foot skills.

Tae Kwon Do mainly focuses on kicking but some schools do teach punching. It just depends on which school but most focus on kicking. This means you would have a weakness against a skilled puncher or a ground fighter if all you took was Tae Kwon Do.

7) Kung Fu

Believe it or not, Kung Fu was actually created based off of karate, so it has several similar techniques. This is another form of martial arts that is popular in fighting across the world.

Kung Fu was originated in China and also refers to Chinese martial arts which could be another reason for its popularity when used in fighting. This specific martial art became so famous that the children’s move “Kung Fu Panda” was made in honor of it.

Kung Fu teaches punching and kicking techniques. Each style of Kung Fu will focus on different areas based on the system. Wing Chun kung fu does a lot of hand trapping and focuses on that with some kicking. Other kung fu styles will focus on kicking and less on punching. You just need to research what style does what so you can see if that will work for you.

6) Judo

Judo is another modern martial art that ended up being so popular within fighting and the martial arts world that it became an Olympic sport. It happens to be a super competitive form of fighting, and the main objective is to take the other person down to the ground.

This is mainly why it is good when it comes to fighting because it helps you take your opponent down quickly. Judo really works on ground fighting techniques and also how to use your opponent’s weight distribution against them.

You do not strike in Judo however, a Judo throw can really take an opponent down. To become an overall complete fighter you would have to take a striking art to learn how to punch and kick.

5) Boxing

Boxing is a great way to learn how to punch correctly and effectively. It is one of the most popular forms of fighting. It focuses on how to defend yourself by slipping, bob and weave, and dodging punches. Boxing also teaches offense using punching combinations such as the jab, rear cross, uppercut, and hook punch. These punches in combinations can easily knock out opponents.

If you do know anything about boxing, you may know how to punch and how to defend punches. These are the two main things that make boxing so great for fighting. You can easily learn more about the specifics of boxing by checking out our training online.

When it comes to boxing, the closer in the range you are to your attacker during a punch, the more damage you can make. Many MMA fighters make sure to incorporate boxing punches into their programs which really shows how others think that boxing is great for fighting.

Boxing does not teach kicking or ground fighting so you would need to take a martial art that could help you with both. If a boxer took on a ground fighter the fight would not last long once the boxer was taken to the ground,

4) Karate

Karate is another popular form of fighting that mostly focuses on punching, kicking, and strikes using a knee and elbow. There are also many different forms within karate.

The main focuses of this specific martial art are balance, power, and speed.

The main stances in karate require balance and center your body so that you can be strong. This really helps you get better and stronger at any other martial art and fighting strategy as well. This form basically focuses on attack deflection which is deflecting whatever your attacker throws at you and then doing something back.

This really helps when it comes to the defensive aspect of fighting. We sometimes tend to focus so much on the actual fighting aspect that we forget the defense part is just as important.

Many attackers will somewhat be prepared to defend themselves from blows and punches to the head. This is why karate focuses on aiming at other parts of the opponent’s body like the stomach, solar plexus, knee or groin areas. You have to realize that your attackers might be good at fighting so they may be prepared to fight hard. Karate helps you to figure out how to fight back against anyone that attacks you.

The main focus is on punching and kicking so you may need to take Jiu-Jitsu or Judo to learn some ground fighting. Some karate schools may teach all three areas of fighting so check them out or take our training online where we tech all 3 phases of fighting.

3) Muay Thai

Muay Thai is also called “ Thai Boxing” and is known as a combat sport. There are several different techniques used throughout Muay Thai. You are actually allowed to use punching, elbowing, kneeing, and kicking.

These techniques can sometimes seem similar to boxing, however, they are not the same. There is a lot of conditioning that goes into this specific type of fighting. Muay Thai fighters kick hard surfaces with their shins to toughen them up and deaden the nerves. This is what professional fighters do and not something you would have to do if you just wanted to train in Muay Thai.

Because of all of the types of techniques that you are able to use in Muay Thai, it allows for some great fighting techniques. Muay Thai is typically a standing martial art that uses many different strikes to knock out an opponent. This gives you the opportunity to combine so many different combinations to devastate an opponent.

Muay Thai does no ground fighting training so you would need to get training in Jiu-Jitsu, MMA or Krav Maga to get ground fighting experience.

2) Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu did become popular with the rise of the UFC. People witnessed how effective this form of fighting was against opponents bigger and stronger. It did not take long for other martial art practitioners to start incorporating ground fighting into their martial art arsenal.

I really love Jiu-Jitsu and I had my son take it for three years so he could protect himself against bullies or anyone else trying to hurt him.

Jiu-Jits has a couple of different ways you can train. One way is for tournaments and the other way is for self-defense and fighting back against an attacker. UFC fighter uses it to fight when they go to the ground and as you can see if you have seen a UFC fight it works.

I liked my son taking this because he could take a bully to the ground and submit them but would not have to hurt them. He can use a choke hold or arm lock to hold the bully in place until a teacher arrived. My son has never had to use it but I feel better knowing he can protect himself if he has to.

Combat Jiu-Jitsu will teach more on striking and stand-up fighting but to get really good you will need to train with a gym that teaches stand-up fighting. Fighting multiple attackers and only knowing Jiu-Jitsu could be tough because you can’t take one person to the ground because the other attackers will start kicking and punching you on the ground.

1) Krav Maga (Tied with MMA)

This is a martial art that focuses on self-defense. This is based on a system of fighting developed by Israel for their special forces.

The techniques they teach focus on getting out of headlocks, bear hugs, arm grabs and anything that involves someone attacking you. They teach you how to punch, kick, elbow, knee, and fight on the ground.

If you are just looking to fight for self-defense reasons then this may be the martial art for you. I have trained in this and found it very useful in developing my skills in fighting.

1) MMA (Tied with Krav Maga)

MMA is mixed martial arts. The reason mixed martial arts is great for training to fight is because it combines the best techniques from several different forms of martial arts. MMA also teaches kicking, close in hand fighting and ground fighting.

MMA is a type of fighting that is successful for both women and men. Right now there are MMA gyms that teach both women and men. This type of fighting has become very popular due to the television promotion of UFC and Bellator.

Since MMA is so popular within professional fighters, you know it is really good to learn how to fight. There are not nearly as many rules and guidelines in MMA as some other martial art tournaments like Tae Kwon Do and Jiu-Jitsu tournaments.

This is another reason why it is so popular and good for fight training because there are more options and fewer rules. Striking is a popular technique within MMA. When MMA got started it was putting martial artists of different techniques and backgrounds up against each other with barely any rules and no weight classes.

It allowed for more creativity within the martial art. A typical fighter within MMA is usually very skilled at boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai, and Jiu-Jitsu.

I train in MMA and I love it for the physical fitness and skill set in fighting. I hear people say that it’s a sport so not as effective in a street fight but I disagree. It does not teach knife defense or gun defense or many other things like how to get out of a bear hug. The thing is an MMA fighter can fight so that is what we are talking about here.

Which fighting style is the best at fighting. This is not which martial art is best at gun defense or knife defense.

If someone pulls a knife on me or gun I am giving them what they want if it’s a robbery but if its an attack I am running. I don’t care how skilled you are at knife or gun defense if someone attacks with a knife or gun your in trouble.

I would hopefully have my pepper spray with me and can blind them long enough to run.


Overall, there are many different types of martial arts and fight training systems that are great for learning to fight. They are all great and can be rewarding, but it is important that you choose the one that you can see yourself being the most successful at. Whichever type you feel that you will be the best at is the right choice because you will try your hardest and end up doing the best you can.

Martial arts and fighting have so many different aspects to them that you can never go wrong when learning any type, technique, or style. Different types of fighting are better for different types of situations so don’t get too caught up if you don’t know the “best” types. There are great things about each of the systems mentioned above, so take into consideration that any training in fighting is better than none.

Just remember that when in doubt, try MMA or Krav Maga because they are a mixture of many different martial arts and both systems use techniques that will work in a fight.


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